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Tenancy Management

Once the home search stage has been completed, Santa Fe can provide ongoing support services for the duration of the lease. 

These tenancy services can include:

Lease Compliance - ensure that provisions agreed with landlord are completed prior to occupancy.

Inspection Report – provision of a detailed report including digital photos of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy period.

Tenancy Consultation - advise the tenant of all obligations and duties they are responsible for under the terms of the lease agreement.

Connection Services – assist with applications for utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV).

Security Deposit Management – payment administration and collection at lease termination.

Lease Tracking - tracking of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease re-negotiation dates.

Cancellation Services – assist with the termination of utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV).

For corporate clients and other organizations we provide additional services including:

Property Management - tracking vacant properties so they can be quickly occupied should a suitable tenant be identified.

Expense Management - consolidation and invoicing of utilities on a monthly, or other, basis. Summary utility expense reporting on a property-by-property basis is also available.

Repair and Maintenance - regular preventative maintenance visits including minor repairs and other handyman services. Negotiation of major repairs with the landlord and inspection upon completion.

Our Tenancy Management Service is supported through our integrated ReloAssist system. The system’s pro-active design enables us to track all important dates and events throughout the life of the lease. All property, lease, inspection reports, inventory, maintenance records, utility information and other information is tracked and is available online by secure access to our customers.

This web-based system provides our corporate clients with easy access to important information and helps to reduce any administrative burden.