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Global Visa and Immigration Services

Embarking on an international move? Sorting out the visa and immigration paperwork for an international relocation can be a potential minefield.

Let Santa Fe help you get a visa.

We have one of the largest and most experienced visa and immigration practices in the business. Our customers include private individuals, corporations, immigration law firms, and relocation management companies. Whether you are an individual who is moving country or a corporate relocation professional moving a team of employees, let Santa Fe make it easy for you. Contact us today!

Santa Fe’s visa and immigration services include:

Needs Assessment Consultation – understanding your unique immigration needs

Advising – giving you information on the procedures and requirements for obtaining the correct visa, including work, residence, dependent or study visas

Pre-screening – assessing your ability to secure the relevant visa

Application Assistance – obtaining the required information and prepare all the relevant application paperwork

Documentation Requirements – collecting necessary documentation from origin and destination locations

Process Management – management of each case by an immigration specialist under the guidance of a senior immigration manager

Status Updates – keeping you informed about your application and changes in local immigration laws or procedures

Renewal Services – giving you advance notice of renewal dates

Cancellation Assistance – arranging de-registration or cancellation of your visa

Data Privacy and Security – maintaining data in a safe and controlled environment

"Your efforts and professionalism allowed us to meet important business deadlines because my visa had been issued in due time despite tough schedule(s)"

Dr. Konstantin Drozhdin
Continental Automotive

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