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Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Azerbaijan

Capital City: Baku

Official Languages: Azerbaijani, Russian

Religion: Muslim, Russain Orthodox

Currency: Azeri Manat (AM)

Time Zone: GMT + 4 hours

Country Domain: .az

Country Tel Code: 994

Moving to Azerbaijan

Mention the name Azerbaijan, and a number of images come to mind: reminders of Soviet occupation - both blatant and subtle; flavors of the Middle East; mosques; deserts; and oil. Oil is usually uppermost in the minds of expatriates moving to Azerbaijan, as it is the industry most likely to relocate people there.


As a republic, Azerbaijan has an elected president and prime minister. The president is elected for a five-year term; all citizens age 18 and over may vote. There is a 125-member National Assembly, Milli Majlis. One hundred members are elected to five-year terms; 25 members are elected by proportional representation.

Several political parties are represented. Among them are the current president's New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), a reform party; the Azerbaijan Popular Front (APF), Musavat Party, and Azerbaijan Communist Party.


Since independence in 1991 Azerbaijan has faced many challenges, but it is hoped the oil that once drew invaders will now be the country's salvation. Transitioning to a market economy from one run by the state is a task faced by other former Soviet countries, but Azerbaijan at least has tremendous natural resources at its disposal.

Some 70 percent of state-owned enterprises have been targeted for privatization, among them banking, electricity, and agriculture.


Most people engage a real estate agent to find accommodations in Azerbaijan. Apartments are the norm, rather than houses. Your company may retain - or at least recommend - a realtor. Rental agents charge a commission, based on the annual rent.


Expatriates may choose from two international schools in Baku. Both international schools have preschool through grade 12.

The Baku International School (BIS) and The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA)take children aged three through 18. The International School of Azerbaijan offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

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