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Key Facts

Official Name: Kingdom of Bahrain

Capital City: Manama

Official Languages: Arabic

Religion: Islam

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Time Zone: GMT + 3 hours

Country Domain: .bh

Country Tel Code: 973

Moving to Bahrain

On February 15, 2011, a political uprising began in Bahrain. The demands of the peaceful demonstrations are economic as well as political, in that most would like to see the nation transformed from an absolute monarchy into a constitutional one. It is felt the events here are inspired by the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, where political expression was long stifled. Demonstrations have degenerated into violent clashes between police and protesters on several occasions, resulting in injuries. As a result, a number of countries urge citizens to defer travel to Bahrain.

An island nation blessed with sweet water from natural springs, and until recently, a gushing supply of oil, Bahrain is the most westernized nation in the Gulf. Aided by its small size and population, it has become the most modern of the Gulf States, both in its infrastructure and its character.

The vast majority of the population, about four-fifths, is urban, and most live in and around Manama, the capital and the country's largest urban center. The population of Bahrain is approximately 688,000 - over 235,000 of which are non-nationals - and growing at 1.5 percent annually.


Bahrain has enjoyed one of the most stable governments in the Middle East. Until February 2002, Bahrain was an emirate, ruled by the Al-Khalifa family. With the demand for more political freedom, including a representative-elected assembly, a referendum was held calling for a constitutional monarchy. Sheik Hamad appointed a committee to draft constitutional changes, and he declared Bahrain a kingdom with himself as king.


Bahrain was the first of the Arabian Gulf States to produce oil. Bahrain's oil reserves are small, when compared to those of the rest of the Gulf region, including Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.


If it is not provided by their sponsor in Bahrain, most overseas residents use relocation services or real estate agents to locate housing.

In Bahrain, real estate agencies can be located through advertisements in the local newspapers, such as the Gulf Daily News, through recommendations from established businesses, and from experienced expatriates. Some estate agents may have websites where you may preview available properties, but be aware that not all agencies keep their websites up to date.


The quality of education available to expatriate children at the international schools in Bahrain is generally considered good. There are nearly 30 international schools on the island of Bahrain, nearly half of which follow American or British curricula. Others nationalities represented include Filipino, French, Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, and Pakistani.

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