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Key Facts

Official Name: Czech Republic

Capital City: Prague

Official Languages: Czech

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hussite

Currency: Koruna (CZK)

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

Country Domain: .cz

Country Tel Code: 420

Moving to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small, land-locked country in the center of Europe. It is a fertile land, covered with forests, lakes, rivers, and mineral springs. Following the 1993 separation of the Czech and Slovak Republics, the Czech Republic raced toward capitalism, privatizing approximately 1,000 businesses per month. Even as the economy has struggled toward freedom from heavy government influence, it has made great strides to achieve consistent stability, and does considerable trade with its fellow EU members.

The Czech Republic is clearly oriented toward the West, and Germany is one of its major trading partners and investors. The country has a highly qualified, educated workforce, and a 99 percent literacy rate.


The Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy with a 200-member House and an 81-member Senate. Parliament has full legislative powers. The president, who is the head of state, is elected by a joint session of the legislature for a five-year term. The president appoints the Prime Minister, usually the leader of the largest political group in the legislature. Together with the President, the Prime Minister appoints a Council of Ministers, which must have the approval of parliament.


Following the 1993 separation of the Czech and Slovak Republics, the Czech Republic raced toward capitalism, privatizing approximately 1,000 businesses per month. However, there remained too much government influence on the private economy. The country still had a low wage, low-tech economy often dependent on out-of-date equipment and an inefficient industrial base.


Professional, web-based, and print Rental agents handle some of the most desirable property in town. The typical charge for realtors' services is one month's rent, payable only if an accommodation is found. Other resources are personal contacts - friends, business colleagues, and parents at children's school who may be aware of vacancies. It is important to be patient and flexible when looking for housing.


The school system in the Czech Republic is demanding, and would be appropriate for those foreigners who have very young children capable of learning a foreign language quickly. Anyone wishing to enroll in a Czech public school should contact the office, skolsky úrad, of the Prague school district of residence.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Czech Republic and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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Santa Fe Relocation Services Prague Office

Street: U Prioru 1076/5, 16100 Prague 6.

Postcode: 161 00

Phone Number: +420 2 3331 3154

Manager: Anthony Heszberger


Let us assist you with obtaining a Czech Republic visa, finding an apartment or school in Prague, and more!

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