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Key Facts

Official Name: The Kingdom of Denmark

Capital City: Copenhagen

Official Languages: Danish

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran, Lutheran State Church

Currency: Krone (DKK)

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

Country Domain: .dk

Country Tel Code: 45

Moving to Denmark

Denmark, situated on a peninsula north of Germany, is the most southern of the Scandinavian countries.
Generally, one finds a pro-European and international outlook among professionals. There is a large expatriate community and newcomers will feel welcome there. In Copenhagen, in particular, they will find that educational and cultural institutions are flourishing.

While best known around the world for the organization of its welfare state, Denmark is also famed for its attention to the environment, education and more recently, international trade. It is a highly developed country with a very good quality of life and a large and efficient government. Danes are attentive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to protecting and caring for fellow citizens. Women have equal status in society and in the workplace. The elderly are provided with comfortable pensions and medical care.


Under the constitution of 1953, Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the monarch - since 1972, Queen Margrethe II. Joint power is granted to the monarch, who is vested with executive authority but has no personal political power, the Prime Minister, and the unicameral Folketing or Parliament. Elections are scheduled every four years, but often occur earlier when called by the Prime Minister in an attempt to improve his party's parliamentary position.


Denmark's economy remains relatively strong with low inflation and unemployment. The economy is largely service oriented with over three quarters of its workforce employed in service industries. Construction, manufacturing and agriculture are the other major income generators.


The majority of expatriates moving to Denmark choose to rent accommodations. Using a relocation agent through your employer, or recommended by a colleague, is an efficient way to either rent or purchase property.

Private rental agents have listings for leased properties, from small flats to large houses, and can arrange for you to view them. If you decide to purchase property, you should contact an estate agency in the local area


Most expatriate families choose to send their children to one of several international schools where the curriculum is based on either the American or British school systems. These schools also receive a subsidy from the Danish government, allowing them to charge a lower tuition than international schools in most other countries. Student bodies tend to comprise many nationalities.

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