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Key Facts

Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt

Capital City: Cairo

Official Languages: Arabic

Religion: Islam

Currency: Egyptian Pound (E£)

Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours

Country Domain: .eg

Country Tel Code: 20

Moving to Egypt

Modern Egypt is somewhat of an anachronism. There are villages comprised of mud and brick huts that stand in close proximity to glass and steel skyscrapers. It is a combination of eastern and western cultures, and of ancient artifacts and modern technology.


In the wake of protests against leadership with an overtly Islamic focus, the Egyptian military ousted head of state Mohammed Morsi on July 3, 2013. An interim government, headed by the judicial leadership, is in place until a new constitution can be created and ratified.

On August 14, in the wake of more violence in which many people were killed, a state of emergency was declared. It was later extended, eventually lifted on November 14.


Egypt's economy has been largely dependent upon agriculture and tourism, with a heavy reliance upon state-owned companies and industrial monopolies. Unemployment is high, especially among educated young people to whom the growing fundamentalist movement is appealing. The government recognizes the need for economic reform and has begun to implement structural changes that include privatization of industry and a more market-oriented economy.


Most expatriate housing that is available in Egypt is apartment style. Houses are scarce, and expensive. Suburban settings are highly desirable, both for their amenities and lower costs, and most expatriates prefer to get away from the noise of the city.

Residences that are air conditioned, wired to accept major appliances, and have more than one bathroom are usually more costly.


Egyptian schools systems are now forming international schools, but most expatriates still prefer schools especially geared to the children of expatriates. These schools are typically located in or convenient to suburbs that are popular with expatriate families.

Most of Egypt's international schools are in Cairo, with several in Alexandria.

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