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Key Facts

Official Name: Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

Capital City: Hong Kong

Official Languages: Cantonese, English

Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity

Currency: Hong Kong dollar, HK$

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours

Country Domain: .hk

Country Tel Code: 852

Moving to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant, bustling community of people from a multitude of ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. There are elegant boutiques selling designer goods and expensive jewelry, large private boats in the marinas, and expansive residential estates behind grand gates. Street signs are written in English and Chinese, and many vestiges of British influence can be seen.

Hong Kong is also a country of dramatic contrasts. Many of the modern buildings, towering edifices of mirrored glass with imposing entrances, could be found in a North American city. Expensive cars and ancient bicycles compete with crowds of pedestrians on the busy streets.
Away from the city areas, beautiful green hills roll down to the shoreline, while an enormous cargo vessel seems to nudge a tiny fishing sampan out of the way as it steams ahead to the new container terminal.


During most of Hong Kong's era of British control, most government officials were bureaucrats appointed from London. Elections in the 1990s, however, brought increasing numbers of voters to the polls. The people sent a clear message of interest in democracy, and there are now several political parties with representation in the Legislative council.


Hong Kong and China are inseparably linked through culture, trade, and investment. Hong Kong is the major jumping-off point for access by the West to China. China's importance in Hong Kong's economy is evidenced by the fact that it has replaced the United States as Hong Kong's single largest trading partner.


Residences in Hong Kong are mainly apartments, or flats, usually in high rise buildings, with a smaller number of townhouses and houses with yards. Apartments and townhouses are often part of a complex which will share recreational and other facilities such as indoor or outdoor pools, tennis courts, health clubs, gymnasiums, squash courts, playground equipment, restaurants, and amenities such as shuttle van service to Central, MTR Station or shopping areas.


The educational system in Hong Kong is excellent and with high standards. However, free schooling is available only in Chinese to local students for the first six years. Education for expatriates can be costly.

There is a consortium of government-subsidized schools designed for international students, which may be a viable option.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Hong Kong and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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Santa Fe Relocation Services Hong Kong Office

Address: 18/F, C.C. Wu Building, 302-8 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Contact Number: +(852) 2574 6204

Fax Number: Fax: (852)2575 1907


Manager: Lance Allen

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