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Key Facts

Official Name: Hungary

Capital City: Budapest

Official Languages: Hungarian

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant - Calvinist & Lutheran

Currency: Hungarian forint (Ft) (HUF)

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

Country Domain: .hu

Country Tel Code: 36

Moving to Hungary

Hungary's shift from Communism to democracy since 1989 has brought about rapid, far-reaching changes. Hungarians number about 10 million, many of whom are working – successfully – to improve local conditions and increase their personal wealth.

Expatriates will find living in Hungary to be a very interesting experience. Hungarians, over the past two decades, have been striving to reclaim a national identity after the liberation. Street names were returned to their former identities, replacing Soviet names. The capital city, Budapest, is once more a thriving center of culture, art, and music, attracting an increasing number of tourists.


Executive power is held by the Prime Minister and a Council of Ministers. The president, as official head of state, has power and influence that go beyond the ceremonial. The president countersigns legislative acts before they can be enforced, and may refuse to do so for various reasons.


Like other European countries, Hungary was affected by the 2008 global recession. After a double-dip recession, by 2013 its economy was experiencing slow growth. Hungary's industrial sector is the main driver of the economy.


Locating an apartment or house in Hungary's main cities can be frustrating. It is recommended that someone who is fluent in Hungarian accompany you in your search. This person could help you negotiate with landlords, who typically do not speak English, and to review the written lease once an agreement is reached.


Expatriates have a half dozen international schools in Budapest from which to choose. Most accept students from age 4 or 5, and continue to the mid-teens or up to the last year of school education. Your choice may be influenced by the language in which most classes are conducted, or by which secondary languages are offered.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Hungary and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

Contact Us

Santa Fe Relocation Services Budapest Office

Address: Szallito UTCA 6, 1211 Budapest XX1

Contact Number: +36 1 888 6750


Manager: Anthony Heszberger

Let us assist you with obtaining a Hungarian visa, finding an apartment or school in Budapest, and more!

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