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Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan

Capital City: Astana

Official Languages: Kazakh, Russain

Religion: Muslim, Russain Orthodox

Currency: Tenge (KZT)

Time Zone: Western Kazakhstan: GMT + 5 hours, Central/Eastern Kazakstan: GMT + 6 hours

Country Domain: .kz

Country Tel Code: 7

Moving to Kazakstan

Kazakhstan - located where the continents of Europe and Asia meet - is the largest territory of the former Soviet republics. For centuries, it has been the home to Turkish and Mongolian nomadic tribes, in addition to a large influx of Russian immigrants.

Located between China and the Mediterranean powers, Kazakhstan has historically provided a natural trade route between east and west. It has vast natural resources, with some of the world's largest known oil and natural gas reserves. Visitors will find the Kazakhstanis hospitable and accustomed to interacting with foreigners as they have done for centuries.


Kazakhstan is an independent state, formerly a Soviet republic. However, like 12 of the other 15 other former republics - save Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania - it is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Thus, ties to Russia continue to be close. This relationship is particularly critical, because Kazakhstan's oil is presently exported through pipelines across Russian territory.


To encourage foreign investment, the government has initiated a program of economic reform and privatization.

The currency has stabilized, inflation reduced dramatically while the GDP increased, and state control over the economy is gradually being lifted. The government still has considerable economic control, however, and reforms to the legal system are also needed to bring it up to international standards.


There are a variety of housing options, both furnished and unfurnished. In Almaty, it is possible to find housing ranging from an apartment in the city center to a traditional cottage in a more rural setting. Housing in Astana tends to be newer and more modern. Some housing is centrally located, but new developments are often further from the city's center. Construction quality can not necessarily be assessed by the age of a building.


Educational options in the major cities of Kazakhstan include international schools, local private and public schools with instruction in Kazakh or Russian, or home schooling. All schools require a letter of intent and information on the purpose of the parents' residency in Kazakhstan.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Kazakhstan and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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Santa Fe Relocation Services Astana Office

Address: 23 Mirzoyan St, Astana

Contact Number: +7 717 252 3000


Manager: Stanislav Zyukov

Let us assist you with obtaining a Kazakhstan visa, finding an apartment or school in Astana, and more!

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