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Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of the Philippines

Capital City: Manila

Official Languages: Tagalog

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Peso (P)

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours

Country Domain: .ph

Country Tel Code: 63

Moving to Philippines

Ethnic and cultural differences in the Philippines give the country a character of its own, and there are local customs and forms of behaviour that expatriates must recognize and respect if they are to successfully live and work in this environment. Life in the Philippines presents some unique challenges, but most can be dealt with because of the availability of modern, familiar goods and services.


There are many political parties in the Philippines; over 30 hold at least one seat in the House of Representatives. These include the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats or Lakas-CMD, the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), and the Liberal Party, who are among the most prominent of these parties.


Despite political and economic challenges, business activity proceeds at a steady pace. The government encouraged the sale of state-owned properties to raise additional revenues to finance education and health services, and pay for improvements in the country's infrastructure. It has also established a number of free economic zones and industrial parks.


Apartments are in good supply in all areas. Furnished accommodations are easier to find than bare dwellings. Apartments usually are 90 percent furnished. Most houses, however, come unfurnished. Most newer buildings have air conditioning - a necessity. Many apartments and houses have telephones already installed, which is a plus since it can take months to have a new telephone installed.


There are a number of English-language private schools in the major cities, offering U.S., British, and other curricula.

In Manila, many expatriate children attend either the International School Manila, which follows a U.S. curriculum, or the British School Manila. There are a number of other private schools, including the European International School for children of Swiss, German and French nationals; the Reedley International School, which follows a curriculum based on Singapore-U.S. standards; and a Japanese school attached to the Japanese Embassy.

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Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for the Philippines and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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