Compensation, cost and expense management

Compensation administration is time consuming and complex with emotional, legal and tax compliance implications. Speak to Santa Fe to ensure your compensation administration and assignment programme are aligned.

Payroll Delivery

Managing an expatriate payroll programme is a complicated process. Each country has its own legal and tax requirements and the range of employees under your relocation programme may be subject to different payment agreements between home and host locations.

Santa Fe provides assistance and advice in managing your expatriate payroll programme on a global basis. Our aim is to provide you with a solution that helps you manage the process effectively and to create a global standard for your business with minimum administration.

What's included

  • Coordination of expatriate payroll
  • Payment of salaries locally
  • Split payroll between home and host locations
  • Ensure local legal and tax compliance
  • Year-end reporting and liaison with tax providers
  • Payslip creation
  • Payments in multiple currencies
  • Reporting


  • Consolidation of payment processes
  • Global reporting capability
  • Reduces administration
  • Provides greater visibility of your entire expatriate assignment programme

Pay arrangements (Structure of package, balance sheet calculations)

Whilst cost projections provide a good planning tool, balance sheet calculations offer the most accurate and detailed calculation of the potential cost of an assignment.

Balance sheets are calculated on an individual candidate level, based on their specific assignment and circumstances, offering an exceptional level of insight and control over the term of the assignment.

Santa Fe offers a highly detailed balance sheet service, taking into consideration all allowances, salary, compensation, tax equalisation, housing norms, Cost of Living Adjustment (CoLA) data, relocation costs and all other assignment expenditures. Santa Fe’s balance sheet calculations offer the most accurate level of budgetary control for your assignment programme.

What's included

  • Relocating employee specific
  • Tax equalisation
  • Salary
  • Compensation
  • Cost of Living Adjustment data (CoLA)
  • Relocation costs based on policy
  • Housing norms
  • Travel
  • Goods & services allowances
  • Temporary living costs
  • Available in all electronic file formats
  • Available for all assignment types (local, permanent, long-term, short-term)


  • Identifies key cost impact areas for the process of cost control
  • Detailed candidate assignment specific
  • Accurate cost projections enables you to calculate return on investment
  • Advanced level of cost analysis
  • Automated and available at short notice

Cost projection

Cost projection is an invaluable tool for a company to provide an indication of the value of an assignment.

Cost projections evaluate the balance between potential cost to the company and the expected benefit to the business of the assignment.

Santa Fe uses industry benchmarks, its experience and refined calculation processes to provide highly accurate projections of the cost of an assignment against the information in your policy. All cost projections are offered in a simple layout that can be delivered in a variety of electronic formats to suit the needs of your business.

Santa Fe’s cost projections provide an estimated total cost of an assignment. The calculation takes into consideration relevant compensation models, allowances and likely relocation costs based on a specific scenario. The cost projection includes adjustments for Cost of Living Adjustment (CoLA) data depending on the destination. In addition, Santa Fe will liaise with your chosen tax provider, or can provide through its own tax provider, the necessary hypo tax calculations to complete the cost projection.

Santa Fe is also able to provide speculative cost projections without specifi c hypo tax calculations in order for clients to evaluate the “cost” of a number of candidates for a particular assignment.

What's included

  • Cost of Living Adjustment (CoLA) data
  • Hypo tax calculations included, dependent upon client requirements
  • Relocation costs based on policy
  • Available in all electronic fi le formats
  • Available for all assignment types (local, permanent, long-term, short-term)
  • Speculative or full costings


  • Quick and simple indication of the relative cost of an assignment
  • Projections are based on your specific policy
  • Automated and available at short notice

Global expense management

Santa Fe offers solutions for managing all your employees’ relocation and assignment related expenses, enabling you to focus on your core business functions.

Save Time and Money

Our service reduces administration for your business, makes it easier for your employees and removes costs.

Maintain global compliance

We collect expenses directly from your employees and suppliers. We then accurately record and process them with 100% compliance, based on your assignment policies.

Streamlined process

Our online service enables expenses to be submitted from anywhere in the world, irrespective of time zone and ensures reimbursements are made without delay.

A transparent view of your expense programme

We offer your organisation an easy way of managing and controlling expenses by providing reports and analytical dashboards to meet your management needs.


We are firmly committed to ensuring the highest level of security. Our systems are compliant to ISO/EIC27001 standards.

What's included

  • All expense claims audited to ensure compliance to your policy
  • Expense reimbursement to the employee
  • Expense payment and tracking
  • Expense coding for tax and payroll purposes
  • Reporting of expenses
  • Payroll reporting
  • End of year tax reporting
  • Exceptions reporting


  • Quick reimbursement to employees of expenses
  • Expense reporting feeds to payroll
  • Audit expense for compliance to policy

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