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Download our customs guide for Taiwan to find out about the required documents and customs prescriptions for different goods.

For more information, read about our visa & immigration services for the USA and check out our guide on how to move to Taiwan.

Customs guide
Taiwan custom guide

Taiwan Visa and Immigration Services

Vibrant Taiwan is one of the “Four Tigers” of Asia, along with Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Once called Ilha Formosa – beautiful island – by the Portuguese, Taiwan has a varied geography, including mountains, plains and tropical rainforests.

Expats in Taiwan will enjoy the country’s excellent quality of life, with its strong economy and first-rate public transportation. The safe cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung bustle with a vibrant food culture, night markets, street vendors and restaurants.

But before you can enjoy all that Taiwan has to offer, it is important to navigate Taiwan immigration and obtain permission to either visit or live within the country.

Applying for visas to Taiwan can often be a long, complicated and expensive process, with many rules and restrictions to follow and adhere to. Depending on the type of visa you are trying to obtain, there are different requirements that you will need in order to qualify.

Santa Fe can take the pain out of applying for a visa in Taiwan, helping with your application and updating you when it’s ready.

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Please remember that immigration laws may change without notice. For current and detailed information regarding updates as well as documentary requirements, processing times and any other information pertaining to your specific needs, speak with a Santa Fe Immigration Specialist.