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With tree-lined city boulevards, a ravishing coastline and emerald green mountains, Vietnam is known as the land of timeless charm.

In Ho Chi Minh, markets, temples, and fast-paced streets combine with colonial mansions and skyscrapers to create a heady mix of traditional, colonial and modern life with a lingering aura of French finesse. With a population that is energetic, sharp in commerce and resilient by nature, Ho Chi Minh is the engine room of the economy and the nation.
The Vietnamese capital of Hanoi has aged well, preserving its Old Quarter, monuments and colonial architecture while making room for modern development. Lakes, parks, shady boulevards and more than 600 temples and pagodas add to the city’s appeal. Expats in Hanoi will enjoy the energy of big city life in the grand old lady of the Orient.
Before you can enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer, it is important to navigate Vietnam immigration and obtain permission to either visit or live within the country.

Applying for visas to Vietnam can often be a long, complicated and expensive process, with many rules and restrictions to follow and adhere to. Depending on the type of visa you are trying to obtain, there are different requirements that you will need in order to qualify.

Santa Fe can take the pain out of applying for a visa in Vietnam, helping with your application and updating you when it’s ready.

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Please remember that immigration laws may change without notice. For current and detailed information regarding updates as well as documentary requirements, processing times and any other information pertaining to your specific needs, speak with a Santa Fe Immigration Specialist.