14th April 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Group Management

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

In light of the COVID-19 situation, Santa Fe Relocation has continuously increased our health and safety measures with regards to the protection of our employees, clients and partners.

General precautions taken:

  • We have reviewed our contingency and business continuity plans to make sure we can face the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have established protocols and global training for all our employees to make sure all actions and precautions are well understood.
  • We have implemented working from home policy for our office staff, but you won’t experience any differences in our levels and quality of services as all processes run digitally.
  • Our management team is monitoring the situation closely and have regular calls with all offices to ensure frequent two-way communication.
  • Our management team keeps all employees informed regularly to ensure all are aware of any development in the procedures and actions taken.


Precautions to protect customers and their assignees:

  • We have masks and alcohol gel available* for all crews to make your assignees feel more comfortable (and protected).
  • All employees are requested to fill out a health declaration form before entering any residences. Where appropriate, our staff will also be ready to take a temperature check in your presence and assignees may be asked to do the same to prevent the spread
    of the infection.
  • All our crews carry liquid soap and sanitizer and disposable towels to frequently wash their hands during the services.
  • We use virtual surveys for our customers and their assignees instead of having a meeting at your assignees’ residence. In case of any exceptions, our surveyor will use masks and alcohol gel.
  • We work closely with HR departments, assignees and private customers to establish the best customised procedure considering origin, destination and timing of a possible relocation of the families we assist.


Precautions to protect employees:

  • We have increased cleaning at our premises and advised everyone to be diligent with cleaning and handwashing—both at home and at the office.
  • We have increased cleaning in all our vehicles and storage solutions incl. crates and boxes
  • We have cancelled all travels for our members of staff.
  • We have limited the number of people in all internal and external meetings to adhere to directives given by local governments.
  • We have strongly encouraged all employees to reduce personal travel, public transportation, gym visits and attendance at large events e.g. concerts, parties etc.
  • We have quarantined all employees who have been in highly affected zones or have been together with anyone who has, for 14 days or as advised by local authorities.


Take care of each other out there and let us know if you have any questions or queries—whether they are COVID-19 related or not. We are here to help.


All the best,

Yann & Runar


*in some markets the supply of face masks and other items may be limited


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