Finding a career abroad

Finding work abroad can be a challenge, but by taking the goals, finances and family of the individual into careful consideration, narrowing down the perfect career is much more straightforward. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we have put together a quick guide to finding work abroad for over 50’s for the best relocation experience possible.


The first step to finding work abroad for over 50’s is to uncover the goals of the individual. This can help to determine what the individual is looking to get out of their time abroad. With this insight, finding the perfect job is much more straightforward by simply using the pinpointed interests. Whether this is based on past experiences, or the individual is seeking to take on an entirely new challenge, this can help to make sure that the individual is happy, minimising the chance of failed relocation.


For those seeking short-term employment, working abroad offers a unique opportunity. From summer camps, to teaching English abroad, there are a wide range of jobs available for over 50’s on a temporary basis. Some of the top careers abroad to consider include that of a travel agency, tour guide and event planner. While those who are looking to take a break can find a short-term travel job suitable for their needs and requirements, those who are looking to spend a greater time abroad can find work that offers security for a longer period of time. This is great for those who are looking to immerse themselves in different cultures before returning home or even to their next destination.


Travelling abroad comes at a cost. From finding accommodation close to the work place, to taking the local cost of living into careful consideration once an individual has been offered a role abroad, there are plenty of factors that they must consider when it comes to temporary and permanent relocation. It is just as important to consider the less obvious costs associated with moving, such as transporting pets abroad, replacing appliances and Visa fees, as these can easily be missed – for example, acquiring a Visa to enter Australia can cost more than $3600 AUD.


For parents of children who have recently left home, there is no better time to travel abroad. With the opportunity to travel overseas with no strings attached, it is much more exciting and provides the opportunity to focus on what’s ahead. However, moving overseas can be disconcerting for those that will be left behind, and may cause upset. To ensure this does not happen, it is important to inform family members and friends of the move as soon as possible.

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