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Hiring expats

Ireland and India have a long history of economic and cultural ties, with many of the provisions of the Constitution of India reported as drawn from the Constitution of Ireland. It may be purely co-incidental that our national flags are similar or perhaps there is a recognition of our shared histories.

Economic ties have been greatly encouraged in the last decade, evidenced by the formation of the Ireland Indian Business Associated, IIBA, in 2008. The Taoiseach or Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, is himself of Indian/ Irish extraction.

In recent years Ireland has been benefiting from India’s history of producing high level, well – educated software engineers, big data and ICT experts. Indian tech’ companies –  such as Aditi Technologies, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services –  have established operations in Ireland. Indian nationals have filled high skill tech’ roles in Ireland and have been choosing Ireland to complete their education, with Silicon Republic noting Ireland as the best place to develop a software career in 2017.

Santa Fe Relocation Services are delighted to be part of this exchange. Our Visa and Immigration Specialists have expert skills in assisting companies with their immigration compliance for high skill Indian nationals.

We offer a broad range of Visa & Immigration services, the outcome of which is dependent on needs.

Option 1

  • Immediate family reunification.
  • Family members can seek a dependant permit with a far greater scope of job type.
  • Movement to Stamp 4 after 24 months duration, which allows work and residence in Ireland without an employment permit.
  • A route to Irish citizenship.

Option 2

  • Allows Irish bound assignments up to 5 years in total in Ireland.
  • Allows for a very effective skills injection into the Irish business, and
  • Allows the Indian assignees to have exposure to Irish research and development in key technology areas.

Option 3

  • Offers a quick processing approach and requires less documentation than the main work permit schemes.
  • Allows Indian clients to allow for short term start up assignments and backfill with longer term assignments on longer duration permits, as a project develops.
  • Offers Indian clients who need a quick deployment of an assignee as part of a project start – up, wrap- up or key transitioning phase.

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