6th October 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Group Management

Dear clients, partners, and assignees,

It has now been one year since we took over Santa Fe Relocation, and what a year it has been.

When we began our journey, we started a transformation programme at Santa Fe to put the company back on track. We did not foresee, however, that the entire world would be hit by a pandemic challenging global health, our daily lives, and our livelihood to such a great extent.

Today, the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, and we are also continuously transforming Santa Fe to meet our customers’ changing needs in a post-COVID world.

Key to this transformation is our Digital Roadmap. We will invest significant resources to ensure Santa Fe remains competitive and relevant in a digital world as well as continuing to be able to deliver world-class services and customer journeys to assignees, HR, and consumers.

We will transform Santa Fe for the long-term despite this challenging context, and we remain committed every day to support you across our services (Household Goods, Immigration, Destination Services, Assignment Management and Expense Management) while at the same time respecting all health protocols.

This month, we also look forward to launching the 9th edition of our award-winning Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 (GMS2020/21). The survey covers our industry and the latest trends within global mobility. We are excited to share all the data we have gathered, and we hope it will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration to further develop your global mobility programmes and policies.

Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to your account manager or send us an email at covidresponse@santaferelo.com. We look forward to continuing our partnership and deliver exceptional relocation experiences across the world. We are Santa Fe Relocation. We make it easy, no matter which environment we operate in.

Best regards,
Yann & Runar

5th June 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Group Management

Dear clients, partners, and assignees,

Since we took over Santa Fe Relocation in September 2019, it has been an exciting journey.

We have seen great progress in our restructuring projects and the implementation of our strategic priorities. Our clients have never been happier, and feedback and awards show that we continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

However, it has not been easy all the way through, and especially not in the latest months. The COVID-19 virus was indeed an unexpected challenge. We are truly impressed by how you are currently navigating the unknown out there in the world with great support from our employees.

Like many of you, we too have had to transform our ways of working to accommodate new protocols for the safety and health of ourselves and everyone around us. We too have experienced the need to re-organise and re-align our business to better support a post-COVID-19 world.

So, to be well-positioned for the future, we have streamlined our organisation to adapt to the situation. As of today, we have a new Group Leadership Team in place, and our task is to drive synergies and efficiency across lines of business on the ground with MOVE and RELO (which includes our Destination, Immigration and Assignment Management Services) as our new main global business lines.

For you, the changes will not be noticeable. But for us, the changes mean that we will have a much more focused business keen on supporting your needs regardless of what they might be.
We look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional relocation experience across all services, and we will do everything in our power to support you in the best possible way in spite of the COVID uncertainties.

Should you have any queries, please reach out to your account manager or send us an email at covidresponse@santaferelo.com.

We are here to help.
Yann & Runar

11 May 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Group Management

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

We are three months or so into the COVID-19 pandemic. While the future remains unknown terrain for us all, we still need to plan ahead.

At Santa Fe Relocation we have transformed our ways of working to accommodate new protocols for the safety and health of our clients and employees. We continue to serve and support our assignees in the best possible way—despite the many uncertainties and constraints our industry currently faces.

Part of this has been to develop a simple, yet very effective platform that gives an operational status overview of the 41 countries where we operate. This has proven to be very effective to support an urgent move or repatriation from one country to another in these unprecedented times.

We are also working on our re-start plan. Our intent is to begin to resume operations this month in countries currently in lockdown. We will make sure that we are 100% prepared to act when the situation returns to some kind of normalcy or even a new reality.

All our stations are involved in this work as we prepare for each situation and scenario. This is to make sure our clients and employees stay protected. Amongst other things, we are refining our checklists for safe field operations and safe office operations.

Concurrently, we need to maintain a close relationship with our clients, partners and assignees as we are fully aware that your requirements and needs constantly evolve.

As an example, we have been working closely with our current clients on the safe repatriation of assignees and families living in countries which are highly affected by COVID-19. Collaborating with our clients to develop and adapt our services to a new world post-COVID-19 have been incredibly effective. This includes supporting the return of assignees from countries where healthcare conditions may be challenging.

Assisting our clients in returning from a ‘working from home’ set-up to an office environment or taking care of excess furniture in a temporary office space for social distancing purposes are also some of the new services we have been delivering.

Frequent dialogues and creativity have resulted in a closer relationship with most of our clients during this extreme situation.

Without compromising on safety and health, we walk the extra mile to meet the requirements of our clients and assignees. Despite the difficult circumstances, we continue to move towards our purpose: “We enable people to work, live and thrive in new places around the world.”

Should you have any queries, please reach out to your account manager or send us an email at covidresponse@santaferelo.com.

We are here to help.

Yann & Runar

14 April 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Group Management

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

In light of the COVID-19 situation, Santa Fe Relocation has continuously increased our health and safety measures with regards to the protection of our employees, clients and partners.

General precautions taken:

  • We have reviewed our contingency and business continuity plans to make sure we can face the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have established protocols and global training for all our employees to make sure all actions and precautions are well understood.
  • We have implemented working from home policy for our office staff, but you won’t experience any differences in our levels and quality of services as all processes run digitally.
  • Our management team is monitoring the situation closely and have regular calls with all offices to ensure frequent two-way communication.
  • Our management team keeps all employees informed regularly to ensure all are aware of any development in the procedures and actions taken.


Precautions to protect customers and their assignees:

  • We have masks and alcohol gel available* for all crews to make your assignees feel more comfortable (and protected).
  • All employees are requested to fill out a health declaration form before entering any residences. Where appropriate, our staff will also be ready to take a temperature check in your presence and assignees may be asked to do the same to prevent the spread of the infection.
  • All our crews carry liquid soap and sanitiser and disposable towels to frequently wash their hands during the services.
  • We use virtual surveys for our customers and their assignees instead of having a meeting at your assignees’ residence. In case of any exceptions, our surveyor will use masks and alcohol gel.
  • We work closely with HR departments, assignees and private customers to establish the best customised procedure considering origin, destination and timing of a possible relocation of the families we assist.


Precautions to protect employees:

  • We have increased cleaning at our premises and advised everyone to be diligent with cleaning and hand washing—both at home and at the office.
  • We have increased cleaning in all our vehicles and storage solutions incl. crates and boxes
  • We have cancelled all travels for our members of staff.
  • We have limited the number of people in all internal and external meetings to adhere to directives given by local governments.
  • We have strongly encouraged all employees to reduce personal travel, public transportation, gym visits and attendance at large events e.g. concerts, parties etc.
  • We have quarantined all employees who have been in highly affected zones or have been together with anyone who has, for 14 days or as advised by local authorities.

Take care of each other out there and let us know if you have any questions or queries—whether they are COVID-19 related or not. We are here to help.

All the best,

Yann & Runar

*in some markets the supply of face masks and other items may be limited

27 March 2020 | COVID-19 update | CEO Announcement

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. We have all been forced to change our daily routines, our ways of working, and it naturally takes some time to adapt.

Everywhere, possibly except for China and a couple of other countries, the situation appears to only get worse. It calls for a joint effort by government, organisations, families and individuals to contribute to precautions and procedures that will hopefully result in the least possible consequences and making the whole world come out stronger on the other side.

This global effort requires all our attention, our involvement and our support.

At Santa Fe Relocation, we are working hard to ensure the safety and health of our employees, while at the same time continuing to meet our clients’ needs all over the world to the largest extent possible, while making sure we abide with local regulations.

Some industries are struggling as they have been hit terribly hard. The relocation industry and our own company are no exception. We are optimistic that the situation will get back into control later this year despite the challenging and uncertain outlook. But to be honest, like the rest of the world, we don’t know.

However, it is important for us to let you know that we also take responsibility for the safety and health of our clients, partners and assignees. Our messages to you are the following:

  • Safety and health are our number one priority
  • No matter your destination or origin, we are here to help you
  • We have the knowledge, network and experience
  • Reach out to your point of contact, no matter your query

In summary, although we truly feel the impact of this crisis, we want to reassure you that we will continue to support you during these difficult times.

We need to keep the wheels turning and we need to ensure an operation running as smoothly as possible. As a truly global company operating in more than 41 countries around the world, we believe we are well-positioned to continue running our business even when some parts of the world are locked down. We already handled the outbreak in China. We know some of the challenges ahead of us, and we know what it takes to make it to the other side. We have also secured additional funding from our financiers as well as taken necessary cash and cost preservation measures to ensure we can continue operating.

As such, we continue moving towards our purpose: “We enable people to work and live and thrive in new places around the world.” And we are looking forward to doing so with you.

Take care and stay strong.

All the best,

Yann Blandy & Runar Nilsen

13 March 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Santa Fe Relocation

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

Right now, we are facing a pandemic COVID-19 situation, and it is clear that the coronavirus will have a major impact on our daily lives.

As Santa Fe Relocation is a global company, we have gained lots of experience protecting our people and work environment, securing business continuity and offering assistance to our clients and assignees. We are well-prepared and are able to support and provide assistance based on our response to the breakout in China a couple of months ago.

Besides our normal services, we have seen that we are able to help with alternative solutions and to help our clients in affected areas. We are all facing difficulties at the moment, but we are comforted that in a crisis like this, we are able to support you with our knowledge and network, no matter your destination or origin.

So, if you have any questions for us, reach out to your general account manager  or send us an email at covidresponse@santaferelo.com.

Please also note that safety is our number one priority.

Stay tuned for more updates and take care.

All the best,

Yann Blandy & Runar Nilsen

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