Destination Services — Severe flooding in Slovenia

A devastating natural disaster has recently struck Slovenia. Massive floods have caused substantial harm to the country’s infrastructure, homes, and livelihoods. Various means of support have emerged as the nation unites to respond to the crisis. This is a brief overview of the current situation, including ongoing relief efforts and how individuals and organisations can contribute to a successful recovery.

A powerful central European storm brought torrential rainfall that caused widespread flooding throughout the country, significantly damaging infrastructure and property. Nearly every major river in the country rose to dangerous levels, leading to a national emergency being declared in some areas. Residents of affected regions respond to the crisis in an organised and resilient manner. The government provides assistance and resources to get the country and its citizens back on track. Although the full extent of damage and costs incurred by the flooding remains unknown, the collective strength and resilience of the Slovenian people will help to ensure that the worst of the situation is soon overcome.

For further information, please visit:

The official Slovenian government website
Slovenian Press Agency

A Facebook group has been set up to share resources, coordinate aid efforts and provide emotional support to those affected:

Visit the Facebook support group

A dedicated website has been established for those eager to contribute and offer assistance:

Visit the dedicated website

Please note that this site is currently available only in Slovenian.

In response to this disaster, the Slovenian government is taking active measures to address immediate and long-term impacts. Plans are being developed to revise legislation, providing funding and support to the affected citizens. Although specifics are pending, this proactive approach showcases the government’s commitment to aiding communities in their recovery efforts.

Santa Fe Relocation stands ready to assist anyone in this time of need, so please do reach out to us.

Fruzsina Hodson
DSP Group Support Manager
Santa Fe Relocation

Bettina Makai (Zboray)
Group Director DSP
Santa Fe Relocation

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