At the end of May, the UK Parliament passed the historic Renters Reform Bill. This much-anticipated legislation promises to revolutionise the rental market in the UK, implementing measures to protect tenants and create a more equitable system for both landlords and tenants alike.

Enhanced security of tenure

One of the driving forces behind the Renters Reform Bill is the increased security of tenure for tenants. Previously, renters had to contend with short-term tenancies and the constant threat of unjustified eviction. The new bill grants tenants greater protection from eviction, providing longer notice periods and limiting “no-fault” evictions in most cases. This critical change gives renters a sense of stability and security, allowing them to plan for their futures without worrying about their homes.

Abolishment of Section 21 notices

Perhaps the most groundbreaking aspect of the Renters Reform Bill is the full repeal of Section 21 notices. Landlords could previously use these to evict renters without providing a valid reason, often resulting in unfair and unjustified removals. With the termination of Section 21 notices, landlords must give a concrete and legitimate reason when evicting tenants. This reduces the likelihood of retaliatory eviction since tenants can report maintenance issues without fear of repercussions.

Improved renting standards

The Renters Reform Bill also represents a significant overhaul of the renting standards in the UK. Landlords will be obligated to ensure that all rental properties meet minimum safety, habitability, and maintenance standards. Meanwhile, local authorities will be given greater power to enforce these regulations and protect tenants from substandard living conditions. Moreover, introducing a national landlord registry will help track landlords’ compliance with the new legislation, discouraging unethical practices and promoting responsible rental management.

Empowering renters to have pet-friendly homes

A major concern for many tenants has been finding pet-friendly rental properties. The Renters Reform Bill addresses this issue by giving renters the right to keep pets in their homes if they meet reasonable pet ownership conditions. This allows pet owners to live peacefully in their rental properties and helps create a more compassionate and inclusive rental environment.

Notice periods for rent increases

The Renters Reform Bill also provides greater transparency and fairness regarding rent increases. Landlords are only allowed to raise the rent once a year, and at least two months’ notice must be given to tenants in writing. This gives tenants time to consider the change and plan their finances accordingly.

Settling tenancy disputes

The Landlord Redress Scheme, The Renters Reform Bill, also establishes the Landlord Redress Scheme to resolve tenancy disputes. This scheme allows current and previous tenants to file complaints against landlords regarding misconduct during their tenancy. The independent investigation conducted by this scheme aims to uphold the rights of both parties fairly and efficiently.

Appealing decisions to the Private Renters’ Ombudsman

The Private Renters’ Ombudsman, another newly created institution as part of the Renters Reform Bill, is responsible for settling disputes between landlords and tenants. Tenants who believe they have been unfairly denied a request for a pet or think they are facing eviction on unreasonable grounds will have the right to appeal to the Ombudsman. This authority will make impartial decisions, striving to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Expectations for timely implementation

With the passing of the Renters Reform Bill at the end of May, the UK government is committed to implementing the necessary changes before the end of the year. This swift action clearly displays the government’s determination to create a fairer and more equitable rental system that protects tenant rights and fosters healthier relationships between landlords and renters.

Ensuring secure and responsible tenancies

In summary, the Renters Reform Bill is a landmark piece of legislation expected to improve the rental landscape in the UK. It introduces a range of measures designed to ensure the safety and security of tenants while allowing landlords to manage rental properties ethically and efficiently. If you have any queries or concerns about the tenants’ rights and landlord obligations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fruzsina Hodson
DSP Group Support Manager

Alistair Hunt
UK Sales Director

Katie Stedman
Head of DSP UK

Rosie Wallis
Relocation Consultant

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