It’s been an exciting start to #ERCGWS in Seattle! We were pleased to host guests yesterday at the global headquarters of #Starbucks for the ultimate coffee experience.

At the Starbucks SODO Reserve we were treated to a unique coffee tasting conducted by the Starbucks Reserve team. We learned and sampled various techniques in coffee preparation, methods of coffee brewing and considerations in coffee and food pairings. Guests were then able to watch demonstrations at the brew bars, ask specific questions of baristas and learn what elements to consider for the fullest enjoyment of one’s coffee experience.

Starbucks SODO Reserve is a new ‘concept store’ where Starbucks prototypes brews and techniques before them rolling out to global retail outlets. We were especially excited to be with our guests in this venue as it coincides with Santa Fe Relocation’s thought leadership on Design Thinking in mobility. In their Reserve concept, Starbucks exemplifies key elements of Design Thinking, such as ‘Discovery’, ‘Prototyping’ and ‘Evolving’ as a means of innovating with a full focus on customer experience. Our recent ERC webinar and upcoming ERC session both focus on incorporating these elements into optimizing mobility programs and the assignee experience.

Thank you to our guests and to the team at SODO Starbucks Reserve for making this a memorable event during our time at the symposium in Seattle! For more on our activity at ERC in Seattle

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