Exploring the increase in compliance complexity in Global Mobility

For many years, organisations have been citing Immigration and Tax compliance as the main complexities for deploying their talent around the world.

It would seem that these issues should have been sorted and understood by now. However, Organisations that may have been familiar with the rules for long-term assignments may struggle with the different requirements for short-term assignments or extended business travel.

Authorities continue to see international business travellers and their employers as a good source of revenue, and that is not going to change anytime soon. And as new ways of working evolve, such as ‘gig’ workers undertaking assignments rather than employees, new risks will ensure that these stay at the top of the list.

Having a programme in place to manage business travel compliance is thus a vital requirement for Global Mobility teams, and the managers that those travellers report to. Santa Fe’s 2019 Global Mobility Survey clearly identified that there are differences between who manages the process and who is accountable, and organisations need to be clear as to where that responsibility sits in their particular case.

Whilst both Immigration and Tax are managed in many cases, a minority of programmes still don’t have a programme in place for either. And, where there is a technology solution such as Santa Fe’s Business Travel Tool on offer, whether from an Immigration, Tax or other provider, many still rely on excel spreadsheets, missing the opportunity to drive a higher level of compliance for a very manageable cost level.


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