Minimum Salary scales in Flanders for 2021

Flanders has released the 2021 yearly gross minimum salary thresholds for third country nationals employed in Flanders.
Brussels and Wallonia have not yet released the new minima, this is expected in November 2020.


What are the implications?

New applications:

The signed contract with start date on or after January 1st 2021 must indicate a salary equal or higher than the minimum 2021 salary scale.


If the salary slips of the last period (2020) proof a salary under or close to the new threshold (2021), the employer must provide proof of a salary raise on January 1st 2021.

Pending applications:

If the employment contract, with start date in 2020, mentions a salary under or close to the new threshold (2021), the ministry might request an employers’ declarations stating that the salary will comply in 2021 with the new minima.

Valid Permits:

It is the obligation of the employer to make sure all criteria, including salary scales, related to the work authorization are met at any time. Therefor it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure all employees with valid permits reach the new minima after January 1st 2021.

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Annika Tossyn
Immigration Specialist

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