Passport Talent applicants now able to get visas

French authorities have updated the “International travel certificate to mainland France from a country identified as spreading zone” for the Covid-19. It now includes Students, Teachers & Researchers, and Passport Talent long-stay visa holders.

This updates clarifies the confusion that we could observe recently, with on the one hand consulates issuing visas to professionals (in spite of them not being listed as allowed to enter) and on the other hand some border officers letting them enter even if not listed (because they considered consulates had given their approval to entry). By updating the certificate and adding the 3 above-mentioned categories, French authorities have clarified the situation and allowed all authorities to align.

The addition of Passport Talent visa holders to the list of allowed population is a major step in the rebounce of economic migration and international mobility in the Covid-19 context. The Passport Talent category is widely used and includes 11 sub-categories, such as European Blue Card workers, Salariés en Mission (workers on assignment), and Salarié Qualifiés (French degree holders).

As a reminder, one is only required to fall under one of the categories listed on the International Travel Certificate if they are not coming from another EU country or from one of the handful list of “green countries” France has opened its borders with.

On top of the certificate, and since August 1, negative PCR tests must be presented at the border for travelers from 16 countries, including the USA, Brazil and India. This can also be taken in airports for some origin countries.

Professionals finally in a position to get their visa and depart to France shall accordingly check whether they need to take a test, to avoid quarantine upon arrival.

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