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“Salariés détachés ICT” applicants now able to get visas

French authorities have updated the “International travel certificate to mainland France from a country identified as spreading zone” for the Covid-19. It now includes “Salariés détachés ICT” visa holders and their accompanying family. The new version was updated on 21 September.

This means that French consulates in all countries (open or closed) will now be able to issue “Salarié détaché ICT” visas to foreigners being seconded to France on foreign work contract. “Salarié détaché ICT – Famille” visas will be issued to dependents.

“Salarié détaché ICT” visas stopped being issued with closure of international borders back on 16 March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was then available in countries with which France has opened its borders in full.
However, when coming from a closed country, it was not listed as an exception allowing entry into France. This is accordingly a major development in the re-opening process in France and in the balancing phase between the fight of the virus and the economic needs of companies.

As a reminder, travelers coming from “closed countries” are required to present the International travel certificate at the border, along with certificate of absence of Covid symptoms and potentially negative PCR test (depending on origin country).
Professionals finally in a position to get their visa and depart to France shall accordingly check in depth what documents they need to carry along to have a serene entry into France.

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