The Indonesian government has implemented new insurance requirement for foreign workers who will be working for a short-term period (6 months or less).

Who are affected?

Employers who will hire short-term foreign worker.


The insurance is required to protect short-term foreign workers’ rights while they live and work in Indonesia.

• Employers must purchase ASTAKA (Insurance of Foreign Worker) before hiring short-term foreign workers.
• The employers must take the following steps:

  1. Register their company through the ASTAKA website
  2. Purchase insurance.
  3. Activate the insurance after it is issued.


• Through ASTAKA, the employer will be able to process the registration and issuance of insurance policies, claim, refund, activation of policies and any other related matters online.
• ASTAKA insurance cannot be substituted with foreign workers’ personal health insurance issued in their home country.
• The employers can choose coverage ASTAKA insurance period as follows:

  1. 1 month : IDR 762,000
  2. 3 months : IDR 1,715,000
  3. 6 months : IDR 2,477,000


The electronic insurance policy certificate is required to apply for short-term work permit application starting from 8 November 2022.

Santa Fe recommendation

Employers in Indonesia who will hire short-term foreign workers must take note of the new insurance requirements and complete the registration in a timely manner to avoid any potential delay with the new short-term work permit application.

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