Immigration Update | Italy: Measures and restrictions due to COVID-19 spreading in Italy, in particular in the Northern area. 

Who will be affected?
All EU citizens and non-EU citizens that have immigration procedures ongoing all over Italy.  Italian Nationals are affected in their travels outside Italy.

Due to the large outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy, new extraordinary laws were implemented and new restrictions/measures put in place

Workers and their families have to expect delays in the finalisation of immigration procedures. But now, do not have to respect initial established terms by law, to submit stay permits.

Flight cancellations and bans, quarantine or health checks from other countries were put in force for people coming from Italy. It is possible to travel abroad in some areas after a screening at the italian airport, and by bringing a self declaration to prove the need to travel for working or medical reasons. The same health checks will be done to foreigners landing in Italy.


  • Law Decree 9 issued on 2 March 2020 and effective immediately, contains measures to support workers, their families and companies impacting northern Italy and putting in place restrictions for this area.
  • Decree issued on 9 March 2020 and effective immediately, extends the previous decree to the whole Country, adding new restrictions.
  • The Italian Government has suspended for 30 days, starting from 2 March, the terms to file the stay permit applications (first application and renewals). This means that individuals not able to meet deadlines, due to the closure of public offices, will not incur any consequences. In addition, the Italian Government interrupted the issuance of stay permits for 30 days and this may result in postponing appointments and further delays.


Next Steps (or) Actions Required:
People who need to travel between cities even in the same region (for working reasons, health reasons or returning home), must bring with them a self-certification duly filled in, to be shown to the police in order to avoid facing fines and jail (more severe penalties will be applied to people breaking quarantine).

Santa Fe Analysis:
Delays in issuing of stay permits, and generally in all immigration procedures/arrivals are expected, due to the current partial or total closure of public offices/schools.

Santa Fe Relocation will update about any relevant immigration update arising considering this scenario is continuously changing.

For latest information about the coronavirus you can visit:
–,Italian government
–, Italian Ministry of foreign affairs (Farnesina), dedicated especially to people who needs to move from Italy, and specifies restrictions by each country
–, Departmenf of Civil Protection
–, Italian Department of Health
–,World Health Organization

Should you have any questions, please contact the following:

Veronica Maggioni
Immigration Specialist
Santa Fe Relocation Italy
Tel.: +393483040948

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