Supplemental Advisory – Extension on Implementation of Personal Appearance of Foreign Nationals in Filing and Releasing of Alien Employment Permit

In relation to the Department of Labour and Employment National Capital Region (“DOLE NCR”) Advisory No. 19-08, the DOLE has issued an Advisory No. 19-09 on 30 September 2019 extending the implementation of this new regulations until 14 October 2019. To view this announcement you can click here.

Furthermore, this recent advisory is also applicable to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) registered providers.

Who will be affected?

  • All Foreign nationals who will engage in gainful employment in the National Capital Region and will require an AEP
  • Foreign nationals who will apply for the renewal of their current AEP at DOLE NCR
  • Foreign nationals who will be employed or sponsored by Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs)


On 25 September 2019, the DOLE NCR issued an Advisory No. 19-08 requiring all foreign nationals that will be and currently employed in the Philippines, specifically in the National Capital Region, to personally submit their application for Alien Employment Permit (“AEP”) to DOLE NCR and claim their printed AEP Card once it is approved. This regulation was to be implemented on 1 October 2019.

However, under the DOLE Advisory No, 19-09, submission of AEP applications through authorized representatives such as company representatives and law firms will still be allowed until 14 October 2019.


In Addition, effective 15 October 2019, only Foreign nationals under POGOs shall be allowed to file the AEP applications through the company’s authorized representative. Personal appearance of the foreign nationals under this type of business registration will be required during the release of the printed AEP Cards.

Foreign nationals under a sponsoring company not registered with PAGCOR will still be required to personally appear before DOLE NCR authorities to submit their application for AEP starting 15 October 2019. Moreover, the foreign nationals shall need to go back to DOLE NCR to claim the printed AEP Cards once approved.

For Foreign nationals sponsored by POGOs, they will be only required to personally appear during the release of the printed AEP Cards.


The following new regulations will be implemented on 15 October 2019

  • Personal appearance during submission of AEP application and release of printed AEP Cards for Foreign nationals not sponsored by POGOs.
  • Personal appearance during the release of the printed AEP Cards for Foreign nationals sponsored by POGOs.

Santa Fe Analysis

Foreign nationals may have to deal with the following circumstances based on the changes:

  • The sponsoring company must plan the Foreign nationals schedule ahead of time to include the personal appearance at DOLE NCR for the submission and release of AEP Card.
  • The Foreign nationals, not sponsored by POGOs, may need to allocate 1 to 2 business days to the go through the process of filing the AEP application: (a) queue in line for submission of AEP application, (b) wait for the documents to be evaluated by the authorities, and (c) payment of necessary government fees.
  • Foreign nationals will also need to go back to DOLE NCR to release the printed AEP Card once it is approved.

Please see below current schedule of filing and release of AEP at DOLE NCR.

8:00am to 4:00pm – Submission of AEP application

1:00pm to 6:00pm – Release of printed AEP Card

Applicants must receive a number on or before 12:00 noon for the submission of his/her AEP application to be accommodated. Submission is on a first come first serve basis.

Applicants are also required to get a number during the release of the AEP Card. If the applicant’s number will not be included in the cut off time for printing of cards, he/she must return to DOLE NCR the following day for the release.

Santa Fe will accompany and assist foreign nationals during the submission of the AEP application and release of the AEP Card.

We will closely monitor the new regulations and report of any developments relevant in this process.

Should you have any questions, please contact the following:

Ma. Emmariza Ola
Immigration Manager
Santa Fe Relocation Philippines
D:  (632) 795 2438

Hallie Toh
Regional Immigration Lead – Asia
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +65 6398 3015 (5615)


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