Extension of the validity of documents and change from Contingency to Calamity state in all country

1. A brand new Government decree states that documents expired after February 24, 2020 are valid until March 31, 2021; for all legal purposes (last decree stated validity extension until Oct 31st).

This rule applies to the following documents:

– Citizen Card (PT id)
– Driving license
– Criminal record
– Certificates
Documents and visas related to the stay in national territory

As of March 31, 2021, documents expired after February 24, 2020 are still valid as long as holders provide proof of the renewal appointment scheduling.

2. The Council of Ministers approved last Wednesday, Oct 14th, a resolution declaring the situation of calamity in the entire continental national territory, in the scope of the Covid-19 disease pandemic, until 11:59 pm on October 31st, 2020.

The resolution also changes some rules and measures of the contingency state:

– Limitation of gatherings to five people on public roads and other spaces of a commercial and catering nature, unless they are cohabiting;
– Limitation on the number of people at family events (maximum 50 people);
– Recommended use of a community mask on the public road, whenever it is not possible to maintain the necessary social distance, as well as the use of the Stayaway Covid application and the communication of a positive test through it;
– Security Force will monitor compliance with the rules;
– Prohibition of initiatives and activities of a non-academic nature in the academic space, such as parties, receptions for new students and practices;
– In the Metropolitan Areas of Lisbon and Porto, the exceptional and transitional regime for reorganizing work applies to companies with workplaces with 50 or more workers;
– Some rules on the opening hours of service areas and fuel stations were clarified.

Also, a law proposal was approved to be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic, which establishes the mandatory use of a community mask on public roads, whenever it is not possible to maintain the necessary social distance, as well as the use of the Stayaway Covid application, in the employment, academic, Army and security forces and public administration in general.

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