Government Measures: Contingency Plan for Gradual Opening (Decree-Law no. 20/2020)

Portuguese Government announced the end of state of emergency but continuous of exceptional and new measures were put in place regarding a contingency plan of opening, valid from May 3rd.

The external borders access is still strictly limited and subject to the control of immigration agents.

Portuguese Embassies and Consulates remain closed for non-essential services, same for local immigration services (SEF).

Visa applications are still suspended until May 14th, which may be extended depending on the circumstances. An announcement will be made by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs when the situation is normalised.

Visas, Resident Cards, Criminal Record, Drive license and Portuguese ID remain valid until June 30st.

Opening Calendar (subject to change according to weekly analysis by the General Health Department – DGS).

May 4th:

What opens?

  • Public services: decentralised customer service counters (emergency services and by appointment).
  • Stores (with open door to the street up to 200 m2 and from 10am).
  • Bookstores and car stands (regardless of size area).
  • Hairdressers, barbers, manicures, pedicures and the like (by appointment).
  • Libraries and archives.
  • Zoos, oceanariums.
  • Practice of individual outdoor sports (without using changing rooms or swimming pools).
  • Fishing.

May 18th

What opens?

  • Stores (with open doors to the street up to 400 m2 or parts of shops up to 400 m2 or larger, as decided by the local authority).
  • Restaurants, cafes and pastries (50% capacity, open until 11pm).
  • High School: 11th / 12th grades (10 am-5pm).
  • Daycare centres (with family support option).
  • Museums, monuments and palaces, art galleries, exhibition halls.

June 1st

What opens?

  • partial teleworking, with limited schedules or time rotation.
  • government services in large scale (Citizen Stores).
  • stores (400 m2) and shopping centres.
  • nurseries, preschool and child day care.
  • cinemas, theatres, auditoriums (with marked seats, reduced capacity and physical distance).
  • football: from 30-31 / 05 the official competitions of the 1st League and the Portuguese Cup resume.

What remains closed / prohibited (no set date and subject to evaluation by the General Health Department)

  • Nightclubs and bars.
  • Spas, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), gyms, spas, massages.
  • Elementary School (online classes until end of June).
  • Congress centres and conference rooms.
  • Casinos and bingo’s.
  • Indoor sports events and / or with public.
  • Events / gatherings with more than 10 people, except:
    • Funerals: with the participation of family members.
    • Religious ceremonies: from 30-31/05.


  • Mandatory confinement for sick people and under active surveillance.
  • Civic duty of Social Isolation remains for undetermined time.
  • Mandatory use of a mask in public transport, shops, public services and schools (except children in kindergartens and daycare centres).

Should you have any questions, please contact the following:

Luciana Zettel
Immigration Consultant
Santa Fe Relocation

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