Quarantine required for individuals from Brazil and South Africa

10 days quarantine upon arrival for all individuals (regardless of the nationality) coming from Brazil and South African airports.

Who will be affected?

All individuals (regardless the nationality) coming from Brazil and South African airports


On February 18th it was approved by the Ministry Chamber the SND/133/2021 Order stating 10 days long quarantine upon arrival for all individuals coming from Brazil and South Africa airports as a result of COVID-19 health measures.


During the 10 days long quarantine period, people referred in the previous section must remain at home or accommodation, and must limit their travel, as well as the access of third parties to the domicile or accommodation, to those essential for the realization of the following activities:

a) Food and essential medicines purchase.
b) Assistance to health centres, services and establishments.
c) Causes of force majeure or situation of need.


14 calendar days starting from February 22nd 00:00h.

Next Steps (or) Actions Required

Based on the evolution of COVID-19 in Brazil and South Africa, the situation could be extended.

Should you have any questions, please contact the following:

Irene Martin
Immigration Director
Santa Fe Relocation Southern Europe Cluster
D: +34 695 228 239
E: irene.martin@santaferelo.com

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