Enforcement of ‘notification of residence’ by Thai Authorities

The responsibility to submit a TM. 30 Form ‘Notification of Residence’ to the Immigration Bureau or local police station lies with the home owner, head/s of household, landlord or hotel manager to inform authorities where a foreign national will be residing for their stay in Thailand. If omitted in doing so, penalties and non-compliance issues for a foreign national will apply.

Who will be affected?

All foreign nationals arriving on Non-Immigrant (all types), visa exempt basis, tourist visa, and other visa types.


According to section 38 of the 1979 Immigration Act in Thailand, it is the responsibility of “House owners, heads of household, landlords, or managers of hotels who accommodate foreign nationals on a temporary basis” to submit a notification of residence to the Immigration authorities on behalf of the foreign national within 24 hours upon their arrival at the property. This notification is made by completing the TM. 30 form and submitting same to the Immigration Bureau or local police station where foreigners reside. Responsible parties who fail to complete the filing process within 24 hours are liable to be fined no less than THB 1,200.

This law has been in effect for many years, although there have been stricter checks by the authorities recently. In addition, with the rise of short-term private-property rentals and frequent changes of occupancy as a result, higher occurrences of non-compliance by property owners/landlords and ultimately the foreign national, is possible.


  • Latest requirements from Immigration Bureau, is that it is mandatory for all foreigner nationals to provide the record of TM.30 filing upon applying for an extension of Long Term Visa at the Immigration Bureau. Any applicant’s failure to provide such evidence, risks a rejection of their application.
  • If home owners / landlords fail to complete the registration of foreign nationals within 24 hours of their arrival at the premises, they can be subjected to a fine.
  • Non-compliance by home owners/landlords may also impact on the occupant / foreign national who may be questioned by the authorities on their whereabouts during their time in Thailand.


Next Steps(or) Actions Required

We recommend all foreigner nationals upon arrival, discuss this step with their landlord/home owner to co-ordinate the earliest submission of the TM.30 ‘notification of residence’, avoiding any risk and non-compliance by either party during their stay in Thailand.

Santa Fe Analysis

Santa Fe can support all foreign nationals in Thailand by assessing their eligibility to qualify for the required permits and to ensure ongoing compliance with the immigration legislation. We can also keep businesses updated on further developments on Thai immigration matters and will advise on any changes requiring their attention.

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