February 1st, 2019 – Situation in Venezuela

Santa Fe is working very close with our local partner in Venezuela who advised that the current situation in Venezuela is extremely complex since it covers economic, social and political aspects, all of them interconnected and guided by variables that change daily, which makes it almost impossible to describe what happens at a particular period of time.

However, this situation in regards to the common Venezuelan citizen and, consequently, the foreign workers residing in the country, translates into a shortage of basic products, a high level of personal insecurity and uncertainty, in addition to all the effects derived from the hyperinflation and the complex exchange system, in which black market transactions are the most. Of course, all this leads to a continuous stress.

In this regard, the main recommendations for foreigners who decide to stay in the country would be the following ones:

• Avoid participating in political events
• Avoid areas where protests are taking place
• Keep your documents up to date as established in current legal regulations
• Keep non-perishable food and water in your home
• Keep batteries and candles in case of power failure
• Maintain continuous contact with their respective employer’s security departments and follow the established safety protocols
• Avoid giving opinions of current events to unknown people
• Do not go outside during night hours

If you want to understand more about the situation in Venezuela, we recommend you follow any of the following portals or contact your Santa Fe representative:


James Thom

Immigration Vendor Manager – james.thom@santaferelo.com

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