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America’s Green card

The Green Card Lottery – or, more officially, the Diversity Visa Lottery – is perhaps one of the simplest ways to get your US Green Card to allow your moving to the country. The lottery offers anyone from qualifying countries to get their green card, and is specifically designed to make sure that there is diversity in America by only allowing applications from those in countries currently under-represented in the USA.

The lottery is open annually, opening up to anyone that wants to apply providing they fit the right criteria. The official way to apply for the green card lottery is to apply through the Department of State website, where you will fill out a DS-5501 form, which is only available online during the registration period. You must make sure that you fill in the form correctly, and with all the correct information, or your application is likely to be disqualified. Although it’s highly encouraged that you prepare and submit your own entry, it’s also possible for someone to apply on your behalf, as long as it is the only application in your name.

The criteria to qualify for the Green Lottery isn’t extensive, but is still important to consider when making an application. While there is no minimum age for applicants, anyone who applies must have a high school education, or the equivalent, and two-years work experience. This criteria in particular essentially disqualifies anyone under the age of 18 despite the lack of minimum age.

If you’re already in the USA, don’t fret. You can apply from living in the country, so long as you are already there on legal means. But it’s important to remember that there are only select countries that are able to apply at any one time. Check your eligibility before you apply, especially if you live in the UK, Brazil or any other country that has a high emigration rate to America.

One of the other main criteria points can boil down to three things: no criminals, no mentally ill, and you must be able to work or support yourself. If you pass each criteria, then it might be worth submitting an application when the next annual selection rolls around, usually in October.

However, despite the temptation of simplicity when it comes to the lottery, it might very well be worth looking into other ways to apply for your Green Card, especially if you happen to live in one of the excluded countries. You can pay for a Green card through family you may have in America, through employment by getting a sponsorship from an employer or through marriage to someone who already lives in America. There’s even availability for green cards for your family and children should you apply for a visa.

Although these options may take a little more effort to apply for, having alternate options for getting your visa and moving to the USA is something worth thinking about.

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