New CEO and deputy CEO – Yann Blandy and Runar Nilsen


London, 25 September 2019,


The purchase of Santa Fe Relocation  by Santa Fe Intressenter AB was announced today:

1. Ownership: effective immediately, the Santa Fe Relocation business and the Santa Fe Group Limited holding company are owned by a new owner – Santa Fe Intressenter AB (a Swedish Limited Company).
2. Financing: in conjunction with this transaction, Santa Fe Group has obtained full support for its financing arrangements with its financing partner, Proventus Capital Partners, which secures its existing financing agreement and provides means for the restructuring programme.
3. Management: following this ownership change, Yann Blandy has been appointed as the new CEO of Santa Fe Group, and Runar Nilsen is now the deputy CEO of the group. Yann Blandy and Runar Nilsen are indirect owners of Santa Fe Intressenter AB, along with two other partners (Claes Jonson and Martin Alsander), and have been involved in working with the Santa Fe leadership throughout 2019 in developing the future plans.

“We are thrilled to assume the operational responsibility and ownership of Santa Fe Relocation. We believe that the business has great potential. Our main focus will remain on exceeding customer and assignee satisfaction”, says Yann Blandy, new CEO of Santa Fe Relocation.

“I am very pleased that we have found a solution that benefits Santa Fe Relocation’s employees, customers, agents and suppliers. The long-term financing of the operations is now secured, and this provides great opportunities going forward”, says Gabriella Sahlman, Investment Director at Proventus Capital Partners.

In essence, these ownership and management changes will not impact Santa Fe Relocation services and operations:

Service delivery between Santa Fe Relocation and its clients on a local and global basis will not be affected;

Santa Fe Group has the same strategy going forward, enhanced in our ability to deliver by having our long-term future secured;

Santa Fe Group today is the same as Santa Fe Group yesterday.

In addition, having a long-term financing solution in place will allow us to continue to invest in our transformation, not the least from a technology standpoint, in order to meet your evolving needs during the coming years.


For more information:

Yann Blandy, CEO
Mob: +46 70 716 17 31

Runar Nilsen, deputy CEO
Mob : +47 90 69 79 12

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