Recommendations for managing transformational change in Global Mobility

Our annual award-winning Global Mobility Survey reveals that business leaders are looking for HR and Global Mobility professionals to refocus and make a shift from compliance-based activities to support more strategic initiatives, such as talent planning and innovation. This is to drive employee engagement and enhance employee experience, acquired from international work arrangements.

Over the past twenty years, organisations (operating internationally or globally) have experienced destabilising factors on every front, including talent diversity, geopolitical uncertainty and exponential advancement of technology. All of which have disrupted and, in some cases, seen an end to traditional, globally known companies and brands.

Furthermore, the way in which organisations interact with their employees – ‘from hire to fire’ has also radically transformed. We have five generations in the workforce all bringing with them an array of capabilities and expectations, coupled with changing roles and in some cases, jobs that are still being created in the light of technological innovation.

Global Mobility Transformation.

As organisations transform, so too are the functional teams that support their growth. In our Report ‘Effective transformation in Global Mobility. A board game or a puzzle? we further explore the role and expectations of Global Mobility teams and how these compare and align with those of Business Leaders. The results from our research highlight that there is a compelling need to transform, evolve and remain relevant and valuable to the organisation.

Successful transformation
In the report, we ask the key question: So, if there’s a case for change, how can HR and Global Mobility teams achieve their desired outcomes to focus on creating more value for their businesses?

We also explore some of the unwritten and perhaps uncomfortable aspects of sharing information, data and the existing challenges, that need to be overcome in identifying how to create a new operating model that may now involve external supply-chain partners. How much should you disclose? How do you know which prospective partners will be suitable technically, operationally and culturally with your organisation?

It can be a puzzle to select the right partner and deliver an effectively transformed organisation. Who needs to be involved internally? Is procurement or strategic sourcing involved and do they understand Global Mobility and more importantly the context of the proposed spend versus the total spend of a Global Mobility programme? Are there hidden hurdles or other internal stakeholders with a vested interest who could hi-jack the tender process?

Whether you are a seasoned Global Mobility professional or are embarking on this for the first time, we include in the Report an easy to use Checklist, to enable you to navigate a successful transformational journey.

Download the full Report ‘Effective transformation in Global Mobility. A board game or a puzzle?

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