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The next research theme for our award-winning 2023 Global Mobility Survey series is Sustainable Mobility. We explore the challenges and opportunities for organisations to evolve their thinking, policy and practices in sustainable talent mobility – through more conscious awareness of the relocation decisions associated with international work arrangements.

Context to this research

Over recent times, there has been much widely publicised media coverage and thought leadership associated with the challenges and opportunities for organisations to achieve carbon reduction to net zero by 2030.

As Implementation looms, this is likely to lead to greater examination of Climate Pledges. Following years of pledges, stakeholders are starting to question more closely how will governments and organisation actually implement net-zero targets? To deliver these outcomes –if not done so already – organisations will invest greater resources, including headcount and training and education, up to the board level.

What does this mean for sustainable mobility?

We believe the implementation of greener mobility solutions, will be much more than a series of reactions or ‘greenwashing’ exercises, and will require a top down, holistic approach to change. Equally, it will have potential ‘trade-offs’ that could impinge on the employee experience and behaviours which in turn, would not only impact business outcomes but also affect employee and family well-being.

Corporations are assessing their HR principles and practices to support these interventions. Global talent mobility is therefore a high-profile area for organisations to identify how they can align with sustainable talent mobility whilst still being able to attract, deploy and retain internationally mobile employees.

Within any transformation programme, especially within this complicated area of talent deployment, it is a complex series of choices and practical implications, carbon emissions, lifestyle, costs and family preferences.

How you can support this research?

We are delighted to invite you to participate in this Survey. In parallel, we will also be undertaking a series of interviews with global organisations who have expressed a keen interest in this hot topic and the final output will be a concise Report containing key findings and insights from the combined research.
The Survey should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


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