Thailand | Payment Receipt Required for Document Submission at OSSC

The OSSC (One Stop Service Center) has just announced that for all documents certified at the Revenue Department and DBD (Department of Business Development), employers need to present both the original certified documents and the payment receipts, effective 17 Oct, 2019.

Who will be affected?

All foreigners who currently go to the OSSC for their immigration work.


In the past, OSSC only required the payment receipt of PND1 certification at the Revenue Department. Other document certifications, e.g. PND91, PP30 and PND50 etc., are not required to be submitted with the payment receipts.

Recently, immigration officers at the OSSC have detected documents that do not meet the requirements. In order to tighten the document requirements, the OSSC is now requesting all certified documents to be submitted with their payment receipts. The payment receipts are meant to show as proof that the documents are indeed certified at the Revenue Department or the DBD, and the employer has paid the certification fee. Once the officers have reviewed the payment receipts, they will return the receipts back to the employer.

This change will come into effect from Oct 17, 2019 onwards.


We don’t see this adding extra workload or steps in the immigration process for companies. Companies just need to take note of this change and keep all payment receipts, so they can be submitted to the OSSC together with the certified documents.

Santa Fe Analysis:

This change is effective on 17 Oct, 2019 tomorrow. Companies that are unsure of this new change can reach out to Santa Fe for an assessment and advice.

For more information or assistance, please contact the following :

Ada Zhou
Immigration Manager – Thailand
​Santa Fe Relocation
D: +66 2742 9890 ext.146
M: +66 98 267 6975

Hallie Toh
Regional Immigration Lead – Asia
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +65 6398 3015 (5615)

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