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Careers for expats

As a digital nomad, understanding the correct career path to take can be difficult. The nomadic lifestyle is one which many dream of, and whether or not these particular nomads are entrepreneurs or are working for another company, there are a number of careers which can cater for their requirements. Generally, a digital nomad will relocate to work in a foreign country, or conduct their business in co-working spaces, recreational vehicles such as campervans while on the move, or in coffee shops. Here at Santa Fe, we’re taking a closer look at which careers are best suited for a digital nomad.

Web & App Development

Technology-related roles are often the most popular for a digital nomad, as they can be easily conducted anywhere in the world, as long as an internet connection is available. Website and app development is a popular career choice, as nomads can build up a significant client base around the world and conduct business without ever needing to meet in person. As long as the nomad has the relevant qualifications, experience and portfolio, finding business and charging surplus amounts is simple. In addition to this, there are also very few time constraints when it comes to deliverables, as web and app development projects tend to take a significant amount of time, making this career path an ideal choice for the nomadic lifestyle.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Many digital nomads tend to manage a successful blog and generate revenue through the content which is posted, via affiliate marketing, paid advertisements and sponsored posts. Whether promoting the digital nomad lifestyle which they have chosen, developing a travel blog to document all of the different countries the nomad has travelled, or another subject, a blog can be maintained anywhere in the world. While it is initially easier said than done, top bloggers have been able to earn a profitable income as a result of blogging and affiliate marketing. Better yet, there are little-to-no start-up costs required to become a blogger – the only equipment needed is a working laptop, electricity and internet.


Due to the number of websites out there and the short life of articles on the internet today, there is a significant need for blogs, websites and companies alike to constantly churn out new, engaging content. Copywriters are often required to supply a number of blog posts and articles for an array of websites, ensuring tone of voice, writing style and syntactic versatility are taken into account. Due to this, in order to successfully fulfil the role, thorough research is required. However, as a freelance copywriter, nomads are able to take on as much work as they would like, and charge rates in relation to word count. As a result, copywriting can very much suit the nomadic lifestyle.

Online Marketing

Known as the secret weapon of most companies, online marketing, such as social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is becoming increasingly important. Those who have a proven track record of successful marketing or have a relevant qualification under their belt have the potential of earning a good income from top brands. Effective SEO services in particular are growing in demand, and with so many branches coming off of this sector including technical SEO, copywriting, link acquisition, web development, web design and more, those who are able to accumulate more than one niche are at a huge advantage when opting for this career path as a digital nomad.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is a simple and attractive career path for many digital nomads. A number of websites accept native English speakers to teach English to the younger generation, or those who have a relevant degree in a subject are able to teach an array of subjects, including science and maths. Alternatively, some digital nomads may opt for a TEFL course in order to teach English in the foreign countries to which they are travelling.

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