Moving abroad?

Whether an assignee has recently graduated from education or left a previous job and hoping to start a new and blossoming career, what better way to kick off that new chapter of their life than moving to a vibrant city full of opportunities? For a growing business, positioning assignees in leading cities can be invaluable and so here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a look at key locations where expats can do exactly that.


Complete with affordable living, a dazzling nightlife and a thriving business ecosystem, Manchester is the ideal destination for a young professional to start their new career. Named amongst the top three cities for technological innovation in 2017, more than ten new businesses were created for every 1000 Mancunians last year alone, meaning there are 6.47 jobs per 1000 inhabitants – a decent employment rate which helped the northern city secure the top spot in Market Spector’s Best UK Cities To Work Survey.

Also boasting an attainable and pleasant quality of life, there are a range of social activities to enjoy during leisure time while living in Manchester for the very reasonable monthly average rent of £317.


Slightly further afield than the north of England, however, the added distance will certainly be worth an expats while when they come to live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Home to an abundance of culture, with 17th century canals, parks and landmarks to explore, an expat will never be without something to do during their lunch hour while working in Amsterdam. What’s more, the Netherlands’ economy is thriving, which makes the capital an incredibly appealing option for young career seekers.

With one of the lowest costs of living in Europe and very reasonable tax laws, Amsterdam has begun attracting tech companies to make the move and with them a number of interesting job opportunities ready to be filled.



Canada’s second most populated city, Montreal is a melting pot of innovation, possessing one of the highest employment growth rates in the US and the Great White North, it’s the perfect place to launch a new career.

Its core group of industries includes information and communication technology producers, aerospace companies and creative businesses, offering plenty of options for any budding professional.

One of the most culturally rich cities in Northern America, Montreal also has plenty of pursuits assignees can enjoy after hours, including a live music and arts scene.



The new hub of innovation and entrepreneurship within South America, Chile’s capital city of Santiago possesses some of the lowest business and income taxes in the world, making it the ideal destination for a fresh entrepreneur hoping to make their mark in the business world.

Recently implementing a startup accelerator aptly named Start-Up Chile Impact, the Chilean government has made sufficient efforts to extend its influence globally, boost its economy and attract talent from abroad.

Increasing overall global sales to $700 million since its introduction, the startup accelerator will be sure to help if expats were to make the move to Santiago for their new career.

To conclude there’s plenty of great cities in the world for an aspiring career seeker to start their next exciting chapter of life. Whether they want to remain in Europe and take advantage of Manchester and Amsterdam’s wonderful night life and thriving economies, or they want to travel a little further afield and experience new and unique cultures in the form of Santiago and Montreal, we’re sure whatever city they decide upon they’ll thrive in.

If you’re considering relocating abroad on to one of these many enterprising cities, and want to discuss how we can help you on moving day, get in touch with a member of our expert team today!

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