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Moving to Singapore?

Singapore has consistently topped the quality of life rankings in Asia, and as a result, the country continues to attract large numbers of expats every year. The job market in Singapore is set to undergo its next wave in digitisation and as a result, continues to pay well in roles across medical, aerospace, finance, law and chemical industries. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at some of the highest paying jobs in Singapore.

Legal Counsel

The traditional role of a legal counsel has adapted as a result of technological advancements, and the role in Singaporean law firms is no exception. Legal counsels in the private sector, in particular, are required to represent clients with a high net worth or multinationals, and as a result of the high billables, are able to obtain a significantly high salary, often sitting around S$41,000 per month. As in most countries, lawyers in Singapore require a significant amount of experience and qualifications including:

  • a bachelor’s degree typically in history, English, economics and political science,
  • the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) which must be passed before entering a law school accredited by the Singapore Bar Association
  • a Juris Doctor degree from a relevant law school
  • a pass rate on the bar exam
  • a number of years’ experience working as an associate

Finance Director

A businesses finance director is often the backbone of a company and, for this reason alone, the role of a finance director is one of the highest paying jobs in Southeast Asia. Decisions made by the finance director can affect business growth, reputation and could potentially put the entire business at risk. As a result, finance directors are required to have an in-depth understanding of all financial policies and procedures including various reporting systems, alongside a significant amount of experience in relevant departments. Other skills required to become a finance director include exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, and management skills in order to prepare official reports and ensure that a business’ financial practices adhere to various statutory regulations and legislation. A finance director can earn between S$315,000 and S$430,000 a year and typically require 10+ years’ experience in a relevant role at a major financial services company in Singapore or elsewhere.

Quality Director

The role of a quality director is simply to ensure that all work that is completed is carried out to the best of the company’s ability, and that consistency is always maintained. In Singapore, there are two key industries which continue to place a high level of importance on the role of a quality director – including the aerospace and chemical sectors. Professionals must possess strong technical skills, people management skills and specialise in the industry they are employed in. Quality directors are able to earn up to S$36,000 per month.

Head of Medical Affairs

The technological advancements in the healthcare industry mean the role of medical affairs is varied and so the bar remains high. As a result, a prospective Head of Medical Affairs must be versatile, strategic and offer a significant amount of experience in order to fully adapt to the role.

Singapore is a renowned life sciences hub and as a result, the demand for professionals in this role and similar is continuing to rise, therefore increasing salary opportunities. As the leader of the medical affairs team, who are responsible for providing relevant informational services to health care providers, the Head of Medical Affairs is required to meet these challenges and uncover effective ways to resolve them. Individuals in this role have the opportunity to earn approximately $24,000 per month.

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