Tindall Rural Community Event Fund

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 Tindall Rural Community Event Fund

Grant Application Form 2018

Things you need to know for your application

To  find out if you're eligible for the Tindall Rural Event Funding click here

Applications close Friday 26 January 2018

Please note

  • You will receive an acknowledgement email on submission of your application. If you do not please contact the Funding Manager before the closing date of the funding round. 
  • There is no GST component in this donation

In order to complete this application you need :

  1. Your Charity number (CC????)  Click here to look up your Charity Number

  2. Your account number

  3. You need to be prepared to either type direct or 'cut and paste' answers to questions relating to your organisations purpose and objectives, your event and the expected outcomes of the event.

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Organisation and Legal Status?

You can look up your Charity Status here: Charities Services Register Search 
Registration Number is always 5 digits
Organisation Contact Details

Organisation Postal Address

Tindall Foundation Criteria

Organisation Information

Organisational Purpose and Event Information

No more than 250 words

No more than 250 words

No more than 250 words

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Primary Contact Person
This will be the person Community Waikato contacts regarding this application.

Principal Officer of your Organisation
Please provide the name and contact details of one Principal Officer of your organisation

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Bank Details
Please provide bank account details to receive funds if your application is successful 

I agree with the declaration stated above, for and on behalf of the organisation. 
I agree that by submitting this application, I am electronically signing the application

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Please Submit your Application or go to previous pages to edit it