Finding work abroad

As we enter the new year, finding the best countries for expat jobs can prove to be a challenge, especially after the holiday season peak. For assignees or employers seeking the right destination for a successful relocation, having the right insight into just what each country has to offer can make it easier to understand which careers will thrive and which may do better in another location. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look into the best countries for expat jobs in 2019.


Having experienced significant economic growth over the last few years, Bulgaria is now one of the best countries for expats seeking jobs and this is set to continue into 2019. With a high demand for experienced specialists, Bulgaria is popular among engineers, doctors and more and often sees higher wages than in the UK. A Senior Software Engineer in Bulgaria, for example, can earn £55,000 ($73,000), which is approximately £5,000 more compared to in the United Kingdom.


Located just adjacent to the UK, Ireland is thriving with expat jobs and a healthy expat community and this is largely due to local skill shortages. With an array of roles available in some of the world’s most popular industries such as IT, finance and healthcare, the contemporary country also offers education at an international level. Ireland offers endless opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who want to develop their skills.


China is on the cutting edge, heightening the countries popularity among expats. With continuous investments in technological innovation, the country is now one of the fastest advancing countries in the world, attracting a rising number of individuals from across the globe. As a result, engineering jobs in particular are widely available, making China one of the more popular countries for expats.


Located in the south-east of Europe, Romania is an up and coming country for expat jobs set to dominate in the New Year. The county of Cluj is particularly fast growing, with a fantastic range of jobs to choose from. Some of the most popular careers here include that of a software engineer, language specialist and project manager, of which roles are available across a board of sectors including information technology.

Hong Kong

As a financial hub for Asia, Hong Kong is located in the ideal area for expats. Skills that are in high-demand include web developers, marketing and sales professionals, all of which help to further boost the country’s economy. Perfect for individuals with ambitious career prospects, Hong Kong also offers several networking opportunities, helping to generate new business and develop lasting relationships.

United Arab Emirates

Positioned in a strategic location, the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the world’s most high class attractions and entertainment in the world, making it an attractive country to live and work. Today, over 80% of the United Arab Emirates population are expats, making it one of the largest expat populated countries in the globe. There is a high demand for IT professionals, which is closely followed by lawyers and tax specialists.

With plenty of countries for expats to work in, finding one that is suitable for the needs and requirements of the individual and spouse may simply require a bit of research or advice. To find out how we can assist the move, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 0208 961 4141, today.

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