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Cities for your career

There are a number of reasons behind why an employee may want to supercharge their career, including the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their ambitions. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a look at the top countries and cities that will enable employees to climb the career ladder.


As the economy in China continues to expand, its major cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, will require professionals with relevant skills in the services and tech sectors to help meet the growing demand for these services. While we are unable to state exactly what areas will be most in-demand, it is expected that the likes of cyber security, digital analytics and big data will have a significant focus as the country’s technology industry continues to thrive and develop. With the government planning to make Shanghai a major centre for tech innovation, this will become a particular hotspot for those looking to supercharge their careers. Further to this, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley are set to offer new opportunities for employees as a trans-Pacific hub, which has become home to numerous companies including Huawei and Airbus.

Alan Mclvor, an individual who moved to Asia to get more out of his work life, stated that: “If I hadn’t gone to Shanghai, there’s no way I would have got the career I now have.” “Shanghai improved my CV enormously.”


Compared to China, Dubai has been a popular expatriate destination for several years now, with Emiratis now making up just 20% of the population. Despite the reduction in oil and gas and its various effects on the economy, Dubai is headed towards developing a number of new sources of growth. The Industrial Strategy 2030, for example, aims to generate over 27,000 jobs in six industries including engineering, pharmaceuticals and aviation.

Mario Ferraro, the Head of Global Mobility Practice for Asia, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa said: “The best locations to develop a career will be those where there is the greatest demand for talent.”

“It all comes down to the basic laws of economic supply and demand,” he added.


Singapore is yet another country that can help employees supercharge their career. While Singapore remains open to global mobility, its laws regarding foreign workers are beginning to change in order to ensure that concern about overcrowding is limited, but the number of multinational companies who have a regional headquarters in Singapore is truly astonishing, making it a key destination for many employees looking to supercharge their career.

Hong Kong

A poll conducted by YouGov found that expatriates in Hong Kong believe that relocating to the region was a great career move for them, with average salary sitting at more than US$176,000 per year on average. As a strong economic destination for those working in Financial Services in particular, the special administrative region has lots to offer its expats, from excellent work opportunities to quality of life and ease of raising a family.

With cities across the globe that can help supercharge a career, it can be difficult to identify the countries that are suitable for individuals seeking to climb the career ladder. However, by taking these points into consideration, those seeking a career change in a new country can be comforted by the opportunities some of these countries have to offer.

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