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In HR and moving employees? We’re here to help with our Virtual/Video home survey service

The COVID-19 outbreak brings new challenges for you and your relocating employees. You may have employees that are in the process of moving or planning to move internationally. We are constantly adapting our ways of working in response to the rapidly changing conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, to support you as our clients.

To maximise your relocating employees’  safety, comfort, and well-being we’re doing all home consultations and surveys virtually. This is where our move specialist and surveyor can plan an employee’s move without entering their home – as the virtual/video home surveys are done via video. Quick, accurate, safe and secure.


+ Convenient – Virtual Surveys allow for greater flexibility. They can be scheduled at a time and date that suits your employees.

+ Safe for social distancing –There’s no need for anyone to physically visit the employee’s home, the survey takes place via video.

+ Quick – Virtual Surveys are twice as fast as an In-Home Surveys, where the surveyor has to make a home visit in person

+ Accurate – Virtual Surveys provide detailed information on video, which allows for a very accurate estimate.

+ Secure – Safe storage of  personal data is very important to us. We encrypt data before storing it on our secure server.

+ Environmentally friendly – No home visits means that there are less car journeys to and from your employees’ homes.  


For more details on how we can assist you, please email or contact your local Santa Fe representative directly. We are here to help.


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