New regulations to restrict movement of people

The Czech government has decided to restrict movement from midnight 1st March, and it will not be possible even to visit the family. The wearing of the FFP2 respirator in shops or public transport will also be mandatory. At least a surgical mask will be required in public. Schools and kindergartens that are still open will also close.

No movement

The government has decided to drastically restrict the movement of people. Thus, people cannot enter or leave a district in whose territory they do not have permanent residence or temporary residence. The same applies to the territory of Prague.

An exception to this Regulation is, for example:

– trips to work, travel to meet and help the relatives and loved ones or another person in need (e.g. volunteering, neighbourly assistance),
– ensuring childcare, animal care, waste disposal, necessary travel to health facilities or for the use of social services, including the necessary escort of relatives and loved ones, and veterinary care facilities,
– travel to deal with urgent official matters, including the necessary escorting of relatives and loved ones,
– the pursuit of professions or activities to ensure security, internal order and crisis management, health protection, the provision of health or social care, including volunteering, individual spiritual care and services, public transport and other infrastructure, services for residents, including supply and delivery services, veterinary care,
– attendance at a funeral, of a number not more than 15 persons, journey to participate in education, including practice and examinations,
– participation in a mass holiday event (events in the important national interest or major sporting events or competitions),
– travel for the purpose of elections and meetings of legal entities in the municipality of their registered office under specified conditions, return to their residence, travel for the purpose of travel from the Czech Republic.

Retail ban

As of 1st March, most stores will also close, with the exceptions of the following:

– food outlets, fuel outlets and other necessities for the operation of means of transport on the road,
– fuel stores, sanitary goods stores, cosmetics and other drugstore goods, pharmacies, dispensers and shops of medical devices, animal feed stores, glasses stores, contact lenses and related goods, newspapers and magazines, tobacconist shops, tobacconist’s stores,
– the establishments of providers of towing and removal of vehicle defects in road traffic,
– establishments enabling goods and consignments purchased by distance to be picked up,
– gardening supplies stores,
– ticket offices,
– florists
– computer and telecommunication service establishments, audio and video receivers, consumer electronics, and other household products,
– funeral home establishments, carrying out embalming and preservation, cremating human remains,
– operation of car washes,
– household goods stores and hardware stores (furniture, carpets and other floor coverings shall not be considered as household goods),
– collection and purchase establishments for raw materials and composting plants,
– taxis or other individual contract passenger transport,
– establishments where examinations are carried out, which are an integral part of the selection procedures and subsequently a necessary condition laid down by law for the performance of an activity, provided that the service is provided in such a way that one provider meets one customer at the same time.

Visiting relatives and family

Visiting relatives or families will be prohibited from Monday 1st March. A visit will only be possible if necessary needs are provided or when providing the necessary care, such as an escort to a doctor or an office. Visits from a friend or partner between districts are also prohibited. The exception is only when providing the necessary care, for example in the event of an accident.
For travel to work outside the district, for example, one will need an employer’s confirmation, for trips to a doctor or to authorities outside the district, an affidavit or a form with the place, time, and destination of the trip.


It will now be mandatory to wear at least a surgical mask in public. The exception applies only if the person is alone in nature, it also does not apply, for example, to children under 2 years of age, or sporting activities. The Ministry of Health also ordered employers to equip employees with protection. In places where there is a greater concentration of people, a respirator will be mandatory. This will apply, for example, in shops or public transport.

Walking and walking pets

Walking and running during the day will be possible from Monday 1st March, only in the territory of the municipality, not the whole district. Walking dogs at night will be possible within 500 meters of the residence.

Restaurants and pubs

For catering establishments, the regime will not change, they will continue to be able to sell cooked meal and snacks for take away, which can be open until 9pm.

Schools and nurseries

From Monday 1st March, all schools and kindergartens will be closed. Freshmen and sophomores who were still able to go to school will have to learn from home. Only schools and kindergartens for children under the age of 10, and for children of employees of the Integrated Rescue System will remain in operation.

Cultural events

In theatres, cinemas or concert halls there is a ban on spectators, as well as organizational and regime restrictions of the people present at rehearsals. Museums must be closed, as they are now. Libraries can only have picking windows for pre-ordered books. Fairs, exhibitions, zoos must be closed.

Sporting events

Only professional competitions are allowed during regular PCR testing, without spectators. Indoor sports grounds for individual sports remain closed, sports can only be done outdoors with two people. Pools, fitness and wellness centres remain closed, with the exception of health service providers and professional athletes.

Hotels and accommodation providers

Accommodation is still prohibited for recreation.

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