New quarantine and entry registration regulations

New registration regulations

Starting November 8, 2020 all travellers to Germany have to register online prior to their entry on the website if they have stayed in a risk area within the last 20 days prior to their entry to Germany. Also, they have to be able to present proof of this registration when entering Germany. For Germany, travel restrictions apply for entry from a large number of countries. These are issued by the Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Community in principle, entry is possible from:

+ EU Member State
+ States associated with Schengen: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein
+ The United Kingdom

Other Countries, please see below the most current information as of November 9, 2020 to which countries Germany allows unrestricted entry to their residents:

+ Australia
+ New Zealand
+ Singapore
+ Thailand
+ Uruguay

In addition, the list is to be expanded to include:

+ Japan
+ South Korea
+ China
+ Hong Kong and Macao SARs of the People’s Republic of China as soon as the possibility of mutual entry is confirmed.

For all persons residing in a third country that is not included in the above list, the current restrictions on travel continue to apply, i.e. these persons may enter Germany only if they serve in an important role or if there is an urgent need for their travel (see “What constitutes an imperative need for entry?”). A person is considered to reside in a country if they have their domicile or habitual residence there. A person is specifically considered to have their domicile in a country if they have spent the past six months there.

New Quarantine regulations as of 8 November

Under the new regulations, the following changes are expected: Persons entering Germany, who have spent time in a risk area at any specific period within 14 days prior to entry, are subject to a mandatory Covid-19 test and may be subject to quarantine under the specific quarantine ordinances issued by the competent federal state (Land).

In response to the continuing dynamic infection situation worldwide and the knowledge gained in the meantime, the Federal Government and the federal states (Länder) have decided to adapt the currently valid quarantine regulations for entries from foreign risk areas as of November 8, 2020. As a matter of principle, foreigners entering or returning from abroad who have stayed in a risk area within the last ten days before entering the country are obliged to enter a ten-day quarantine immediately after entry. After five days of quarantine at the earliest, those entering the country can be tested for SARS-CoV-2 to end the quarantine obligation with a negative test result.

In order to maintain the community and economic activity, certain groups of people are exempt from the quarantine obligation. Exceptions for family reasons are also intended. If you have any questions about the respective quarantine regulations that apply to you and any possible exemptions, please contact the respective federal state. By entering the post code of your destination you can find the contact information of your competent local health office using the following Website:

Exemption Transit:

The obligation to self-isolate at home does not apply in the case of transit through Germany. In this case, however, you are obliged to leave Germany immediately.

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