The Ministry of Law and Human Rights released regulation no. 34 of 2021, which eases entry into Indonesia for foreign travellers, depending on visa type.

Who will be affected?

– Foreigners who will enter Indonesia.
– Visit Visa & Limited Stay Visa holders in Indonesia.


• Foreigners holding a valid visa or stay permit (as below) can enter Indonesia after meeting the health protocols determined by the ministry implementing measures to control the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Service Visa
  2. Diplomatic Visa
  3. Visit Visa
  4. Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)
  5. Official Residence Permit
  6. Diplomatic Residence Permit
  7. Limited Stay Permit (ITAS)
  8. Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP)


• Foreigner who can enter Indonesia other than the visa or stay permit holders:

  1. Crew workers who arrive using their own means of transport
  2. Asia-Pacific Economic Business Travel Cooperation (KPP APEC) holders
  3. Traditional border crossers


• Required documents to enter Indonesia:

  1. Valid COVID-19 negative RT-PCR results (except for crew entering Indonesia via yachts)
  2. Evidence have received the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (except for foreigners under 12 years old)


• Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) applications should be submitted electronically to The Directorate General of Immigration by attaching:

  1. Proof of reason for visa application.
  2. Evidence of having received the full dose of COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Statement letter willing to comply with all protocols prevailing health in Indonesia.
  4. Proof of ownership of health insurance/travel insurance that includes health financing, and/or a statement of willingness to pay independently, if affected by COVID-19 while in Indonesian territory.


• Foreigners holding visit visas and limited stay visa issued on the 22nd April 2021 through to 18th July 2021 that have not been used can enter Indonesia through certain Immigration Checkpoints until 15th October 2021.

• Visit Visa or Limited Stay Visa holders who are residing in the Indonesia and have not been able to return to their country of origin, can be granted a new Stay Permit after obtaining visa approval.

• ITAS or ITAS holders who cannot extend their stay permit in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations, and have not been able to return to their country of origin, can be given a new stay permit by applying for a visit visa or limited stay visa after carry out document return procedure through immigration (Exit Permit Only or EPO) at the immigration office.

• The new visa application must be done before the stay permit expires. In the event that the foreigner overstays less than 60 days, they are required to complete payment of expenses at the time of extension of the stay permit at the immigration office or when leaving Indonesia at the immigration checkpoint.

• Foreigners who already hold a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) may be granted a Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) after reporting no later than 7 days after arrival, to the immigration office.

• Extensions of ITAS or ITAP for foreigners who are still overseas can be given to foreigners whose ITAS or ITAP will expire through an application submitted by the guarantor to the immigration office, meeting the following conditions:

  1. The guarantor attaches the requirements in accordance with the provisions of the legislation by attaching a photocopy of the passport and proof of exit from Indonesia;
  2. Complete the application without going through the biometric collection process with approval Director General of Immigration; and
  3. The guarantor must report the arrival of the foreigner to the immigration office no later than 30 days from the date of entry in order to carry out the issuance of the ITAS or ITAP.


• The immigration authorities continue to temporarily suspend the granting of Free Visit Visa and Visit Visa upon Arrival (VOA) until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over by Indonesian government.

• The immigration authorities may prohibit and refuse entry to foreigners from certain countries with high rates of COVID-19 spread based on information from the ministry or agency that carries out the handling of measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Santa Fe Recommendation

• As health protocols change rapidly, we suggest checking with Santa Fe on the latest requirements prior entering Indonesia.
• We urge travellers to keep travel dates flexible and ensure that they have received full COVID-19 vaccination prior to traveling to Indonesia.
• We also urge employers to keep assignment start date flexible since implementation of new regulations is still unclear, including, when The Ministry of Manpower will reopen their service accepting new work permit applications for foreign workers living abroad.

Santa Fe is still seeking clarifications on this new regulation, including the technical implementation. We will keep you updated once we have received further information.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Immigration Service Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +62 21 782 2428

Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
London, UK
M:+44 7990 021125


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