Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force has released an updated regulation on health protocols for both domestic and international travellers in Indonesia implemented during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Who will be affected?
  • International travellers entering Indonesia
  • Domestic travellers

Due to the increasing positivity rate of COVID-19 in Indonesia, the COVID Task Force has released an updated regulation on health protocols enforced between 23 December 2020 until 8 January 2021 to reduce the transmission rate.

Every individual is required to follow the below protocol

  1. Mask usage – minimum mask requirement is a 3-ply cloth mask or a medical mask.
  2. Physical distancing at all times with a minimum of 1 metre in distance
  3. Regularly washing of hands


Eating and drinking in flights under 2 hours of duration is strictly prohibited, unless required for medical purposes.

Requirements for International Travellers

  1. Negative PCR test result tested at a maximum of 72 hours prior arrival and uploaded into e-HAC Indonesia
  2. Body temperature check upon arrival
  3. Validation of a health certificate issued at a maximum of 72 hours prior arrival
  4. Potential re-examination of PCR test upon arrival. While waiting for test result, travellers are required to quarantine at government-approved facility. Costs are covered by traveller.


Requirements for Domestic Travellers

  1. Special requirement for traveling into Bali: by air, negative PCR test issued 72 hours prior to arrival is required. Arrival by sea or land will require a negative Rapid Antigen test issued 72 hours prior to arrival.
  2. For other locations in Indonesia, negative result of Rapid Antigen test issued 72 hours is required prior to arrival.
  3. Completion of e-HAC.
  4. Children under 12 years-old are not required for PCR or Rapid Antigen test.
Santa Fe Analysis

To prevent any potential issues and preventing further spread of COVID-19, while traveling into Indonesia or domestically, we recommend to strictly follow the abovementioned measures. Should there be an extension to the implementation or updated regulation on the health protocol, Santa Fe will issue an alert accordingly.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Natasja Batubara
Corporate Services Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +62 21 782 2428

Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
London, UK
M:+44 7990 021125


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