The Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia just released Circular Letter No. IMI-0661.GR.01.01 of 2021 regarding visas and stay permits during the “New Habit Adaptation Period”

Who will be affected?

– International travellers entering Indonesia.
– Visit Stay Permit, ITAS & ITAP Holders who are in Indonesia.


1. Prohibition of entry of foreigners into Indonesian territory and granting of Visit Visas and Limited Stay Visas (VITAS) are carried out based on Regulation of the MOHLR No. 26 of 2020.

2. Applications for Visit Visa and VITAS do not require a health certificate containing a statement of being free from Covid-19.
3. E-visa with a visa number ending in DN cannot be used to travel to Indonesia.

4. Authenticity of e-visa information can be accessed by scanning the QR Code and confirming the web address addressed to

5. For humanitarian reasons, e.g. visiting / accompanying parents / siblings who are sick / deceased for medical purposes, Single-Entry Visit Visa can be issued by Immigration Officials or Foreign Service Officials at Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia overseas and attach evidence of the reasons for applying for a visa.

Extension of Stay Permit

Foreigners who hold Visit Stay Permit originating from VOA, Single-Entry Visit Visa, Multiple-Entry Visit Visa, or APEC card who are in Indonesia can apply for an extension of Stay Permit at the immigration office.

New Stay Permit & Expired Stay Permit

1. Foreigners who hold Visit Stay Permit, ITAS or ITAP that cannot be extended in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, can be granted a new Stay Permit after obtaining Visa Approval.

2. Foreigners who hold ITAS or ITAP who will apply for a new visa are required to carry out EPO procedure to the Immigration Office.

3. Submission of a new Stay Permit through Visa application must be submitted before the Stay Permit expires, in the case of foreigners who overstay for less than 60 days, they must complete payment of expenses before applying for a new Visa.

4. In the case of foreigners:
• overstay more than 60 days;
• subject to immigration administrative action in the form of deportation; and / or
• being refused the grant or extension of his residence permit based on the prevailing laws and regulations;
Cannot be granted a new residence permit and must leave the territory of Indonesia immediately.

5. The issuance of a new Stay Permit does not count as an overstay, as long as the visa application is submitted before the previous Stay Permit expires.

Santa Fe Analysis

Due to the rapid changes in border closures and regulations, Santa Fe recommends travellers to keep travel dates flexible. Santa Fe is still seeking clarifications on the implementation of this new regulation. We will keep you updated once we have received further information.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Natasja Batubara
Corporate Services Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +62 21 782 2428

Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
London, UK
M:+44 7990 021125


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